Re: What happened to Ayanna Clark?

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Posted by South Bay Fan on December 02, 2016 at 10:23:20:

In Reply to: Re: What happened to Ayanna Clark? posted by My advice to parents/students from someone who's been there on December 01, 2016 at 11:36:16:

: : : : : : : : : : : : : She isn't listed on USC's posting of 2017 signings, although ESPN still has her listed as attending USC. USC fans are worried. I believe she committed in her freshman year.

: : : : : : : : : : : : Well when you are carrying a 1.0 GPA for the past 2 years, it is really hard to qualify for a college like USC. So my guess is junior college. But hey what matters more, excelling on the basketball court or in the classroom? I guess to Coach Buggs and the Poly administration its the basketball court.

: : : : : : : : : : : Jackrabbits gets trophies, players are JC bound. Players need to understand that if they don't take care of school works sooner or later you will be exposed. Either by your GPA or when you take the SAT. Don't be a fool take care of your business.

: : : : : : : : : : To the posters talking about coach Buggs and Yanni you don't know Yanni or coach Buggs so keep both names out your mouth. CB definitely values education. Ask Pitt, LMU or USC about the student athletes they received from CB. Not only did they qualify for admittance but they were straight A students. Every situation is different. I'm not here to shed light on any situation but speaking on situations you are not fully aware of and speaking on a mans character is not cool.

: : : : : : : : : This young lady did not receive the same guidance. There is simply no point in receiving an athletic scholarship when the player in question is not academically eligible to receive it. She's been playing in both high school during the year and club teams throughout the summer. Her family should have made sure she was hitting the books, not hitting the boards. It was an opportunity squandered. I won't place the blame on any one person but everyone, including the player and her community, failed on this one.

: : : : : : : : :: The Bugg's and Clarks are good people. Why must people be so hateful on this board? No one knows what her and her family's situation is. Personally, I'm pulling for Yanni. We don't know what this young lady is struggling against - and as the other poster said, head to Mt. SAC or another JC for a year or two, lesson learned and she'll be fine. These are high school girls we're talking about here. Have some class and a little 'bit of heart! It's so funny to me how people in today's society make an appearance to not "offend" anybody - all politically correct, can't even say Merry CHRISTmas this time of year, but have no problem coming on a BBall board anonymously passing judgement on high school girls.

: : : : : : : If this girl received an athletic scholarship from USC and was not able to accept it due to athletics, that is on everyone involved, certainly including her high school coaches. They are not uninvolved parties. Everyone failed this girl. Take some responsibility. This won't be the last time it happens. If anything, it's an indictment of the process around her that allowed it to happen to this high school girl.

: : : : : : The girl failed herself and so did her parents who are the responsible ones! My daughter made it cause it was demanded of her. No excuses! Some parents really aren't proper parents. All women should have to take a parent test and get a license before they engage in relations. So many always trying to put the blame on others when it's their responsibility.

: : : : : She was still allowed to play her high school season. If her grades were that low, it was up to her coaches to demand that she start meeting the academic requirements. That's at the very minimum. They didn't and she still played. That was what was important, the w/l.

: : : : : It's still not over. If she and her parents are serious about this, it can still happen but it will mean a complete reversal of priorities. Right now, she has basketball. It has to be academics, first, second and third. And not just for basketball but for her future.

: : : : :: I'm hoping that she will learn from this, get her priorities straight, and do it for herself - not her parents, coaches, friends, family. There's only so much others can do here - SHE'S got to WANT this....for herself. Not anybody else. Then she only has herself to blame. And who's to say - think about it, maybe this all isn't HER dream after all? Sometimes expectations are placed on a person and they're not as committed as the family and friends around them. No, this falls on the individual - parents, coaches, etc. can help/support - but the work has to be put in, by the individual, IF it's worth it to them. "You can lead a horse to water..."

: : : How to keep a 12th grader eligible to play high school basketball

: : : TA--A
: : : Algebra 1--D
: : : Ceramics--A
: : : English--F
: : : Govt--F
: : : Basketball--A

: : : The high school GPA for eligibility is 2.16...mission accomplished.

: : : The GPA in courses necessary for the Clearinghouse is 0.33...Mission NOT accomplished.

: : : This sort of thing is happening at every high school in the country.

: : What can be accomplished without an education? Working at WalMart? She probably played more basketball than worked in the classroom so she obviously has a sense of discipline and work ethic. It needs to be correctly applied so she has a future. And as said, if the coaches played the game to allow her to be eligible when she was struggling academically, shame on them.

: :: That's not reality. The lower your GPA (and it's pretty much got to be MINIMUM 2.5 for most kids) the HIGHER you must score on the SAT.

: *NOTE - the absolute minimum GPA accepted by a DIV I school is 2.0 - but you'd have to score 1010 on your SAT, not likely.

: For a 2.5 GPA, SAT score must be 800+ - which is just above average.

: If the student just maintains a "B" average (3.0 GPA) - the SAT score requirements fall to only a 600! 90%+ students can score higher than a 600 SAT. That's why the GPA is so important!!!

: Also, you can't take the "dummy curriculum" posted earlier. You haven't been able to do that for a long time.

: NCAA Clearinghouse DIV I latest requirements:

: 4 yrs English
: 3 yrs Math (Algebra I or higher)
: 2 yrs Science
: 2 yrs Social Sciences
: 3 yrs Foreign Language

: Keeping a B- GPA/700 SAT is not that difficult for most scholar athletes IF they put the work in. If there is some sort of true learning issue, then the student can also get a 504 plan in place to help, which will provide the necessary accommodations. Be sure to also inquire into on-line, "self-paced" courses - to make up classes.
: NUVHS, BYU on-line, Archer, etc.

: Parents/students need to jump on this stuff EARLY. It's incredibly difficult to play "catch up" once you fall behind. Also, NEVER take repeat CORE classes over and over, trying to raise the GPA. If the student gets a "C" or a "D"...take the HIT and move on and try to do better on the next core class. Many parents/students make this mistake, dwelling on one or two "problem" areas - and losing ground overall.

: The way I explained it to my daughter - Every time you get a "C", that's yet another "A" that you MUST get - in order to maintain that "B" average.
: It's a trade off.

: Finally you should KNOW your daughter's high school counselor by name and FACE. And they should know yours. I was an absolute PEST. "Oh no, here he comes again!". Find out the requirements for yourself - and do not let the school dictate your daughter's schedule. Sometimes they're just trying to fill classrooms. Not with my daughter you don't.

: THE most single important factor in all of this is the GPA! Keep it north of 3.0, and you've got no problems. I wish someone had told me about all this stuff early on. Do NOT depend on the coach/teacher/counselor/friend to do this.

: It's YOUR job, as the PARENT - not theirs.

Actually students can and do take a "dummy curriculum" in order to be eligible to play high school sports and/or graduate from high school. The problem is that ALL classes factor into a student's GPA, so the the example I gave above would result in a 2.16 GPA and an eligible athlete. The tragedy comes when these young men and women realize (usually too late) that that the Clearinghouse has much more stringent requirements. Say hello to JUCO

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