Re: D2AA 2nd Round Predictions

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Posted by Warren Dad on February 11, 2019 at 23:32:47:

In Reply to: Re: D2AA 2nd Round Predictions posted by POS on February 11, 2019 at 18:17:29:

: : : : : : : : RHP over University
: : : : : : : : Los Altos over Warren
: : : : : : : : HB over CV
: : : : : : : : Roosevelt over Cajon
: : : : : : : : Millikan over Walnut
: : : : : : : : OA over OLU
: : : : : : : : Pasadena over Leuzinger
: : : : : : : : North over VC

: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : My money is on Warren over Los Altos. I believe our last opponent is actually better than Los Altos and if our girls play like they did in 1st round we should be good!

: : : : : : I told you Warren would win! Buzzer beater!

: : : : : And your reward is Rolling Hills Prep. Have fun! Lots of upsets tonight in 2AA. Warren's wasn't the biggest.

: : : : You saw that like we should be scared, lol! Both teams were champions last year. The makings of a good game. Stop using Max preps. Know the teams if you postings odds. : )

: : : Calm down their tiger!! It is obvious that you haven't seen Rolling Hills Prep play. I have on several occasions and I have seen Warren play on several occasions. Your league should have you prepared for this game. Rolling Hills Prep hasn't played anybody good since the middle of December so they are primed for a fall. The thing is Rolling Hills Prep has a 6'4" that can score and also kick the ball out to the open players when double-teamed. Rolling Hills Prep also plays full court pressure defense and have athletic guards. Warren only has their freshman guard and she is already a good player but she can't do everything and she will be under constant pressure. Like I said, your league should have her prepared since I am sure that Downey, Dominguez and Lynwood pressured her the whole time. If Warren can handle the pressure and get some good shot selection they might be able to pull the upset but there is just too many ifs and I don't see Warren knocking off Rollilng Hills Prep.

: : Yeah you haven't seen Warren play recently then, because my daughter just transferred back to Warren (she helped team win championships last year) so with her being back Warren adds more play offs experiance to the team. She scored 19pts vs. St. Paul and she play solid fundamentals basketball. She can score with either hand. Very explosive sorry you didn't get to see her play. But the 6'4 girl will be ab X factor, but I like our guards over RHP guards. My daughter has history with those guards via travel ball and we know them very well. It will be a good game.

: LOL!! Calm down DAD! You are right, I haven't seen Warren play recently. What happened at King? Oh that's right, the Vista Murrieta point guard transferred into King and so your poor little daughter wouldn't get the ball anymore. On top of that King's best player goes down with an ACL injury before the season too, if not King would be in the Open Division. So you transferred back to Warren so your daughter can be the big fish in the small pond. LOL!! Just like other Warren players in the past. Of course Palmer took you back because she desperate and needs another guard so it is a win-win situation all around. You can walk around thinking that you are a savior when really all that needs to happen is you or your daughter to get upset and then it is off to another school. After all this is your 3rd transfer in two years all with valid changes of address. Strange...well good luck on Wednesday.

RE: Response To second POS (obviously not 1st POS)negativity. You appear like you know what you speaking of, but obviously you have zero facts. I know exactly who you are too, LOL! You're obviously angry because my daughter didn't come to your school. Don't be mad cuz, it's just the old crip in me couldn't allow it!!! My daughter transfers are all legitimate. Her freshman year she played at a private school (No scholarship) so that transfer happened because moving gave us greater financial burden, so we had to put her in local Public school. You dumb as hell to think, we would transfer my daughter after winning a championship and getting accolades. How dumb you sound?? She only left Warren because we moved to Riverside and that put us at King. Did you really think, we would drive from Riverside to Warren? You just a hater and you fake as hell. As far as King I'll never bad mouth any of those players, because my daughter built relationships with them all and no ill will exist with her or any King players. For the record the 1 loss King has vs. JW North it was noted that had my daughter played King would be undefeated. Do your research fat ass, before speaking on some shit you know nothing about. My daughter was hurt (still not 100%) during her King tenure. For the record King already had a stud PG before she ever arrived, so if what you were saying is true (And you're way off)why would we check her into King? You dumb and very assumptive. I know your screen name is fake, because the original "POS" screen name only knew of the freshman and now all of a sudden a wealth of so called information is expounded upon. You dumb thinking a person with a brain wouldn't catch that. Shouldn't you be watching game film and worrying about your team? You smile in Palmer face but tear her down on a public blog, but you're really the individual void of character. My baby and my family we good! You don't know nothing. You come on here trying to trash people that speaks volumes to you as a person. An old Adage says "Liars figure but figures don't lie" My baby makes everyone around her better. My daughter don't get mad, because everyone that knows her tell her "You pass to much". Get your facts right and stop Hating on Warren and Downey. Every time a post about our Division comes up you always trashing Warren and Downey. I know exactly who you are suka!!!

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