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Posted by Uh , no on February 10, 2019 at 06:30:19:

In Reply to: Re: Open Division Preview/First Round Predictions posted by City teams on February 10, 2019 at 01:47:33:

: : : : : : This should be a good Open Division tournament.

: : : : : : On paper, this looks like a Granada HIlls cake walk. They haven't lost to a City team all year. They beat some good SS teams. They have the best shooter (Berfield) in the City Section, and a big (Aiden) who can change the game without touching the ball on offense.

: : : : : : However, while I believe Granada Hills will win, an argument can be made for any of the top 4 seeds to actually hold up the trophy.

: : : : : : Westchester is physical while still being athletic. They can give Granada trouble with physical defense and on the boards. If they make life uncomfortable for Berfield and they can minimize Aiden on the glass, they could pull the upset.

: : : : : : Narbonne is who I see as the main threat to Granada. Not because they are better, but their style of play has long been Granada's weak spot. The non-stop, full court pressure they can apply the entire game will give Granada fits. They were vulnerable to the press when Mitchell was there, so it's more of an issue without her. And if Granada breaks the press, they can make life miserable for Berfield too. And if she isn't scoring, it could be a bad night for GH. Also, Narbonne needs to do work on the glass and then run, run, run against the slower Highlanders.

: : : : : : As usual, the wild card is El Camino Real. Granada has beat them maybe 6 times in a row and maybe 8 out of 10 times. It's almost a mental thing. The last game between the two came down to the last 15 seconds of the game, but ECR couldn't seal the deal. They know what GH will do, the question is can the players stop it? In their favor is they have the City's best player in Khalfani. They haven't really been able to slow her. The key is her defense on Berfield; she has to stay out of foul trouble so she can disrupt Berfield. Another key for ECR is does Saidoff play? She has missed the last few games with an injury, but adding her scoring back into the mix could finally get them over the hump against their rivals.

: : : : : : Pick: Granada Hills. As much as all the above COULD happen, until it does, it's hard to think this isn't finally Granada's year.

: : : : : : First Round Predictions:

: : : : : : Granada over Legacy
: : : : : : Westchester over Birmingham (but best chance of upset)
: : : : : : Narbonne over Hamilton
: : : : : : El Camino over Eagle Rock

: : : : : : Looking for honest, thoughtful conversation on this.

: : : : : : And a tip to the parents, especially those of the seniors. Just sit back and enjoy the games. It goes quickly. Going off on refs makes you feel better, but probably embarrasses your kid. Just cheer them on, and win or lose, celebrate their season. Almost none of these kids are playing in college, so the next 3-4 weeks could be the end of their athletic career. Make it a positive experience for them and you!

: : : : : : Here's to a great tournament, and most of all, no injuries!

: : : : : Thanks Craig!

: : : : : : I'm Khalfani's dad. Just reading over the remarks. Objectively, it can definitely go to any of those 4 teams, but I think the above was a good assessment of the brackets and how they may play out. Either way, they all get to play a few more games before this year's run ends. playing smart and safe are really my top thoughts any time I watch a game. Fun is right after that lol.
: : : : Subjectively, I would like to see no upsets occur first round, because it looks like there will be good matchups the following two rounds for all 4 teams. Enjoy playoffs everyone!

: : : Khalfaniís dad, youíre so cool! You elco Parents are awesome with your city section input but still canít beat granada or Birmingham twice

: : LOL! You Granada Hills parents are so annoying with your lack of respect. Its okay though because as usual Granada Hills will not win a City Section Championship. They will choke as usual. Also, I hope that LA City doesn't put any of the City Open teams into the State Open Division. That would be an embarrassment to watch whomever wins the City Open lose to either Clovis West or any of the Southern Section Open teams by 25+ points. The City Section would be smart to put their Open teams in Division 1 and filter down throughout the other state Divisions. But it wouldn't matter because a City Section team will not play for or win a state championship again. Good luck enjoy the games until the end of the season.

: Itís already known that City Open is equivalent to SS-D1 tourney. Doesnít mean itís not quality, it is and the teams can play, just not as good as the top 8 in SS. So POS who are you picking to win it then? Vs just being ridiculous and saying they would lose to Clovis etc

Uh, no. City open not equivalent to d1 in SS. Only granada , maybe elcocould win any d1 playoff games . None of the city would hsve any shot at winning d1 championship this year. Other years, maybe.

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