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Posted by Another coach on January 23, 2019 at 12:48:46:

In Reply to: Re: CIFSS Playoff posted by ... on January 22, 2019 at 10:46:46:

: : : : Why have poll when there possibility those rank team may not be eligible for playoff because they didn't meet the requirement for league finish? Some league are way stronger than others.

: : : : You want competitive equity in playoff but you allow team that want have 500 record overall and their league is not strong at all to enter the playoff.

: : : : I just wish that all rank team in poll get automatic bid for playoff and team that finish 1st and 2nd in their league will get automatic bid as well. After that every other team must submit at large bid for selection for playoff. If we do that way then we will have competitive equity for the playoff.

: : : I wouldn’t trust those polls to determine who deserves to go to the playoffs. Many of the coaches polls are way off because it is impossible for a coach to monitor 40 teams over the entire section and really know who is deserving. In the end coaches who vote, usually vote their friends’ way higher than they deserve and teams always get overlooked. Last year a #1 seed lost in the 1sr round. That is a combination of not only the seeded team being overrated but the non seeded team was obviously overlooked by the voters (and they won in the 2nd round too). You will not please everyone all of the time but if you cannot finish .500 AND not finish in the top half of your league you shouldn’t be in the playoffs.

: : You can't based on league finish at all either because some league are way stronger than other. You going have team in playoff that 5-17 because they finish 3rd in league. League champion goes 10-12 and still get into the playoff. I do know you cant please everyone but the poll may be off by seeding but those are usually the top team in their division and no one knows better than coaches.

: Of all the reasons's why this doesn't work the biggest is league set up. Look at the baseline, St. Lucy's is a Div 4 team but plays in a league were no one is lower than Div 2. There isn't a team in the Div 4 top 10 who could win more than one game in the baseline league if any games at all if it was them and not St. Lucy's in there. The league set ups also can harm a top team in a division in a strong league. For instance say a miracle happened and St. Lucy's was actually good for their division. They could go 18 and 10 by winning every preseason game, lose all the league games, be the #1 team in the division but not get a first round home game because they can't finish in the top of their league. (if they didn't get a bye).

: What really needs to happen is the league alignment area voting rules need to be changed. For instance, Chaffey Unified is the largest school district in the Mt Sac Alignment area, because of that, they as a collective, have the most votes, thus they insulate their schools from the highest leagues, like the Baseline, which is ALL Rancho-Etiwanda school district schools plus Damien/St Lucy's who only have 1 vote between them, and Upland High school who only has 1 vote. Back in the day they did this to Glendora too, who also only has 1 vote and they were forced to be in the Baseline for years. Glendora had no recourse to get out of it because they had 1 vote, and no one wanted their schools in the Baseline, so they used their collective voting power to push a team into that spot.

: What they should do is let the baseline be 5 teams and play an 8 game league schedule. This would actually benefit Etiwanda as they get two extra games to play with to play a harder schedule if they wanted.

: But most of the ADs and Principals are too short sided to see that.

: My suggestion is to make an 8th league, give the 7th and 8 leagues 6 teams, and have the other 6 leagues only have 5 teams.
: Then you can have those leagues end a week before playoffs and they can pair up and do a cross league challenge game to end the season and still give some rest time before playoffs. (This would work for all sports)

:: In the area that i coach they re-league. there are three leagues i believe that reorganize
every two years with the last place team moving to a lower league, while the first place team moves up to the more competitive league. It is a good idea. They have been doing this for years now. Works well. My team is not part of it. Just an observation.

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