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Posted by Overrated on January 20, 2019 at 00:08:12:

In Reply to: Re: Mater Dei vs Christ the King - Hoophall Classic posted by Coach on January 19, 2019 at 22:48:29:

: : : : : : : What happen? -ahead by 15!, at start of the 4th
: : : : : : : quarter and lose in OT,sounds like a total
: : : : : : : collapse on MD's part...

: : : : : : That's too bad. Lost is a lost but sometimes it's better to be behind then rallies at the end to lose by 3. Rather than be ahead by so many the entire game then lossing by 3 at the end. I put this lost mostly on the coach. You got to close it at the end! Is the game available anywhere to view, anyone knows?

: : : : : If you have a Flohoops subscription, you can watch replay on there.

: : : : I saw on SM account she only scored 8/9 points. Isn’t she their best player as they said statistically last year. So far in the Big games this year she has not produced or helped Crocker get the win same was true in the Etiwanda loss. This is why I said Pepe was the better all around player last year because she does not need others to do what she does. In the MD girls acct she did not look very happy in team picture after the game. She really needs to step it up against the best teams on the schedule and help Crocker out. Easy to be a soldier when there ain’t no war!!

: : : I was able to watch the game and Crocker proved a lot of her haters wrong in that showing, and I’m not afraid to say I was one of them. She played exceptional and was stroking from 3. Demetre was a no show and if she would’ve shown up the way Crocker did they would’ve won. The game was honestly a game of runs and Christ the King just happened to have the last little edge at the end. The size advantage for CTK is what really hurt MD in the final minutes. I know a lot of people are shrugging off MD because they lost to Etiwanda and Redondo but what I saw was a drastically different team from a few months ago so open division better watch out for the “underdog”

: : Crocker played a great game and showed maximum effort until the buzzer. Frescas was on fire in the first half. The supporting cast became liabilities in the final minutes. I thought it was ironic that Demetre took a big shot from the top of the key and the announcer stated she was a 5 star recruit and she airballed..... twice in the last stretch of the game. Ouch.
: : I’ve heard great things about her talent, but I have yet to see what the hype is all about. She doesn’t show up in big games and doesn’t have a strong prescience on the court. Crocker needed her last night and she didn’t show up. Unfortunate.

: I’ll take Demetre over Pepe any day of the week! Only people that hype her up is the media, the kid just works and works and goes about her business and doesn’t get caught up on the hype! Does she need to improve in big games, yes, and she will! Pepe left because Her dad wanted her to shine and not be 2nd to Demetre. MD losses this year both Demetre and crocker have not played well and have missed crucial FTs to ice the games. If parents never got involved along with outside influences, Pepe and Demetre could of done something special, but winning is not the #1 priority for some people! Now she’s 3rd option behind two D1 Guards! Best of luck to both teams and both players,

:: sorry but you can not be a “five star recruit” and airball 1-2-3 times. AIRBALL! Demetre is slow. Very inaccurate and flusters easy, not to mention she’s a hold back (Pepe is not). Kiernan also plays her the most minutes so statistically she should score more yet Frescas, even Kiernan’s own kid regularly outshine her. Demetre has a nice mid range but outside of that, being tall just isn’t enough! So much hype around this kid and it’s sad for the others who deserve it and don’t get it. All that hype does is cause this kid to get egg on her face and look overrated in big games.

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