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Posted by CityBaller on January 08, 2019 at 00:12:01:

In Reply to: Re: Windward gets beaten by the system posted by Blinders on January 07, 2019 at 21:17:31:

: : : : : : : : : Windward can't handle the pressure of Centennial on a day Charisma was a bit out of character.

: : : : : : : : : I attended the game, and disagree with the assessment in the PopScout article. First, I thought Osborne set up her teammates well in this game. She had several nice assists while scoring 22 points. But in the 2nd half, when Centennial double teamed and denied Osborne the ball in the back court, the other Windward ball handlers were hesitant and did not attack Centennial with the 4 on 3 advantage they had in the front court. Second, the referee situation was horrible. There were only (2) officials, when there should ALWAYS be (3) officials for this caliber of game. The two referees on duty did not control the excessive physicality and missed a ton of hand-checking and holding calls, which included two egregious fouls committed against Osborne where she was hit in the throat, and hit with a body block at the end of the 1st quarter that should have resulted in a technical foul (as shown in the PopScout video). Both teams played well, though. Eboni Walker of Centennial is outstanding - great hands and athleticism.

: : : : : : We've said this before and we will say it again. It's cool that everyone has their own opinion but when you send me kids who disagree with what we are saying then we will shift gears. For those who never played the game, never dribbled up the court, etc., there's no way in the world you could understand the psychology of what we speak. I hope this clarifies things going forward. We write for players who play the game family.

: : : : :
: : : : : First of all, I appreciate the time and effort PopScout puts into his website and pics/videos. It's too bad more people don't do it.

: : : : : That being said, he continues to think his is the only valid analysis because he played on a good high school team 20+ years ago and then at Cal State LA.

: : : : : While there are plenty of crazy parents on this board, there are also knowledgeable posters also who may or may not have played in college. Maybe they are coaches. Maybe they know what they are talking about but were limited physically. But some know what they are talking about and shouldn't just be dismissed. Also, if you are "writing for the players who play the game" then just post on twitter. Because players don't come on this board. Parents, coaches, and adult fans do.

: : : : : And as for the "psychology of what we speak" - most of the kids playing can barely run simple plays, so for 95% of them, they don't get that psychology either.

: : : : : The poster who replied obviously went to the game and paid attention. Just because he disagreed with PS is no reason to dismiss his version.

: : : : : I wonder if PS even thinks this was an upset. Based on lame Maxpreps rankings maybe, but people who actually follow high level girls basketball beyond a limited geographic area knew that this was a bad match up for Windward due to the crazy athleticism and pressure that Centennial plays with.

: : : : : Did the refs decide the game? Probably not. Did they have a big impact? Probably. But that happens all the time.

: : : : : I read the PS write up on the game, and the Osbourne comments I think went to far. A simple "she struggled with the pressure due to double-teams and needed more help from her teammates" would have probably sufficed. Because at that elite level of play, it is really hard for one player to do it all themselves.

: : : : : Windward will be fine. They are still the favorites to make it Open Final. I give them props for playing the best team available on Saturday. Not everyone will do that.

: : : : : Here's to good league races as we get ready for the playoffs!

: : : : "Sigh," you said it better than I could have. I agree with every point you made. And Pops, thank you always for your coverage, but you need to stop getting upset whenever anyone disagrees with you. Your opinion is not the only valid one. Having played the game or not makes no difference. None whatsoever.

: : : Listen it is a breathe of fresh air that PopScout keeps it real. These “Super Star” athletes are told they are great all the time but I appreciate the fact that PS is holding her accountable to her play on the court. This particular player did not show up just like the rest of her team. PS is not giving her excuse like the rest of you and you just need to respect his call on what he and all of us saw. She played bad against a nationally ranked team bottom line!

: : : That's what I don't get about the PS article. It was actually the opposite. Osborne didn't play badly. She scored 22 points, and didn't take a lot of bad shots, while dishing out several assists. It was actually her teammates who needed to be more aggressive offensively in the 2nd half when Centennial doubled Osborne.

: PS is not off base. She was 6-17. She actually scored 15 points on 17 shots. She had 5 assists and 6 turnovers. She only scored 22 points because Windward was in the bonus and nobody else was touching the ball. I don’t think there’s a way to be 6-17 without taking bad shots. I believe she took a shot sitting on the ground.

: And that was the problem ... no one else on Windward's team was aggressive with the ball when Osborne was doubled. Only the tall, slender wing player was a consistent threat outside of Osborne. And I didn't say she didn't take ANY bad shots ... I said she didn't take "A LOT" of bad shots. Osborne was the only one attacking the hoop, and therefore getting to the free throw line. No one else was attacking, even when they had a 4-3 advantage against Centennial's press. Check the percentages of Windward's other shooters - they didn't shoot well - especially the 3 point specialist who was only 1 for 6/7 behind the arc. Give Centennial credit for the win. You're not going to beat them relying on just one player. The Windward support players are capable, they just didn't contribute enough scoring-wise in this game.

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