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Posted by Say what on January 06, 2019 at 14:13:47:

In Reply to: Re: What happened to ghc? posted by so jealous on January 06, 2019 at 13:57:07:

: : : : : : : : Fall League champs, regular season losers! By 25?!?!
: : : : : : : : Enjoy the strike, maybe you’ll win city by drawing names from a hat.

: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : Not taking anything away from Sierra but refs were horrible in that game which helped Sierra play probably their best game of the season. GH got their footing in the 4th and out played Sierra but it was to late by then. Congrats to Sierra for even things up. We need a 3rd game to determine the rivalry season winner. Maybe they will see each other again in State run where GH will definitely bring their A Game!!! Let's make it happen!

: : : : : : Is that a joke? They were completely dominated. In the 4th quarter it was a 30 point game, i would hope GH starters would be able to outscore Sierra's bench by a few points.

: : : : : : I was at the game too. Komaki put in her entire 2nd string at the end of 3rd and a large part of the 4th. Once she lost the 33 point lead, that went down to about a 20 point lead, she brought her starters back in and it went back up. GH's starting squad did a good job in the 4th quarter against SC's 2nd string, but not the starting 5. That was the 4th quarter situation. Also, GH sat in a zone most of the game and never pressed, as you'd expect. Wasn't too exciting watching... and I'm not even a SC or GH fan. Just was curious about how that game would turn out. So, I went :-)

: : : :
: : : : That just about right on what happened in late 3rd and 4th. GH coach did his homework, he didn't have the squad to press that Sierra backcourt. You need to press Sierra to slow down their running game but both Dejesus and Chevalier are like jackrabbits on steroids. Pressing those 2 is not an easy task but that is what you need to do to beat Sierra.

: : : In the summer teams should not care about winning but developing their players. Clearly, Sierra did that. The refs were not great yesterday, for either team. The refs were also not great on the game in the summer when they called five fouls against sierra in the last minute to give Granada the win. I don't think we have mentioned that before. A loss is a loss and yesterday, when it counted, Granada got smashed. Sierra is now 17-0, in season, when it matters. Dejesus and Chevalier are amazing athletes who work hard to be in top basketball shape. Kudos to them and SC for the predicted win. Granada coach is something else. I leave that here....

: : Shouldn’t Chevalier already be playing in college isn't she like 19 or 20. Anyway it’s silly that Sierra Canyon a stacked private school feels the need to boast how it crushed a well coached SFV public school. oh well such is the habit of the low brow load mouths of parents of daughters who if they didn’t play basketball well wouldn’t be attending an overpriced private school.

: So it is okay for Granada to boast about beating Sierra for months but when Sierra wins they should say nothing? As far as kids with skills that are attending over priced private school, I am sorry that your kids aren't as gifted. Maybe instead of bashing kids on a great team, getting a great education, you should consider taking the high road. Granada is a great city section team with plenty of talent. Just no match for Sierra.

Since when did Granada boast about beating Sierra canyon in the Burroughs Fall game. It was just one person and who knows if he was just a fanatic or a perosn just making waves to stir up things.

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