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Posted by Good Conversation... on January 02, 2019 at 13:51:11:

In Reply to: Re: Popscout Girls City Top 10 posted by City on January 02, 2019 at 10:07:52:

: : : : : GHC continues to be the cream of the crop.

: : : : GH starting PG has been out for several weeks. Big difference maker. Heard they played some reallly good competition and competed without her. Rooting for these girls and the rest of city!

: : : I would say as of now, this is pretty close. I still think Narbonne is a dangerous team due to their style of play.

: : : Big game in Legacy tourney today - Narbonne vs. Hamilton. Winner may get a top 4 seed come playoffs.

: : : However - Jan 9 looms large for City Section teams and sports in general.

: : : How long will the UTLA strike last?

: : : Because as far as I know, the only independent charter schools (except for small magnet type schools) are Palisades, Granada Hills and El Camino Real.

: : : They may be the only teams still practicing and playing for several days or even weeks.

: : : They may end up having to do home and home combos with each other (obviously ECR and GH already do that).

: : Birmingham is also an independent charter.

: The bigger question is how do we bring the talent back to the city section? None of the good players are staying at their local schools which is such a shame. The city section is so down this year and the trend is only going to continue until we figure out a way to clean up these schools and put academics first. Only 4-5% of these girls will go on to play in college at the D1,2 and 3 level. Making these schools accountable for academics will help bring back all of the girls we are losing to private schools. At the end of the day as parents, we want our kids to compete against the best and more importantly get our kids educated and ready for the world.... and donít get me started on these crooked charter schools,. funding and spending should be up to LAUSD, individuals canít be trusted with such a large sum of money every year...Too many of these men and women running these charter schools are robbing us blind and taking the money for their personal use at the expense of our kids.

There is much to digest here.

The talent drain is real. However, part of that is a much bigger conversation of the fact less girls are playing basketball while more are playing other sports, especially volleyball. So the talent pool is smaller to begin with.

And then, the talent is going to the privates. Why? Part of it is no doubt academics. There are some terrible City schools (for many reasons). However, there are also some good ones.

Another reason is facilities - take a look at some of the City school gyms; then take a look at Harvard Westlake or Mater Dei or Sierra Canyon. Not to mention weight facilities, athletic training staffs, etc.

As for charter schools - I completely disagree. They get much the same funding, but choose how they want to spend it. And they can fire under-performing teachers and staff, which cannot happen in LAUSD without a long, difficult process. Outside of the small specialty magnet schols, Granada Hills and El Camino are two of the best schools academically in the City Section. They score well in testing and win National Academic Decathalons. They also have decent facilities. And they are competitive in most sports, including against some SS schools.

I actually think the answer is more charter schools. Are there corrupt greedy people associated with charters? Maybe. Probably. But at least they get results. LA Unified is completely corrupt and wasteful. And those schools for the most part don't get results.

And while that 3-4% play in college stat is true, it's a national average. I would argue it's even less in the City Section. If there are 150 teams x average 10 players per, that would mean about 60 from last year's graduating class are playing D1, D2, D3. I find that hard to believe.

Your premise is correct. City Section schools need better academics. But they also need better facilities (academic and athletic).

LA Unified will not make schools accountable for academics - in a large way because they don't have a good mechanism to evaluate and no way to hold actual educators (principals and teachers) personally accountable. Good teachers are limited in what they can earn, while ineffectual teachers and administrators are hard to replace.

Unfortunately, with all that going on, keeping talented girls basketball players in those schools is wayyyyy down on the list of things to fix.

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