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Posted by joke on December 03, 2018 at 21:22:22:

In Reply to: Re: chino hills posted by Lie on December 03, 2018 at 14:07:46:

: : : : : : : : : : Well another season is about to begin with Chino Hills participating in the same San Dimas and Glendora tournaments for eight straight years. The coach of Chino Hills Stan Stewart who proclaims to be the best coach in the baseline league has got away with another lie in that he has once again told parents and players that Chino Hills would be in some different and more competitive tournaments. Supposedly this is the year Chino Hills has quality players that can compete with the likes of Etiwanda but coach Stewart won't let the girls play any quality teams.I don't want to rain on Chino Hills parade but you can't keep on doing the same things if you ever going to have a successful program.

: : : : : : : : : Unfortunately, he crazy. Still a division two team that is a .509 team in that poor division. Etiwanda would win by 30. Best not to pkay thise teams until they prove they can actually win in their own division. HUGE difference between an open team and division two.

: : : : : : : : : I have watched and coached against Stan since year 1 he was there. He still has not learned or improved his coaching skills. I donít think he knows how and his ego wonít allow it. Itís kind of funny actually. I think heís still coaching because itís his only connection to basketball. I have heard the stories about him claiming to be the best coach in the area for many years. Anyone who knows anything about basketball know heís below average.

: : : : : : : : Stan is as irrelevant as that program is now..

: : : : : : Dear posters I agree with all of you with the assessment of Coach Stan Stewart and his lack of coaching abilities. I just would like to know how he continues to keep the coaching job.

: : : : : How: Teacher at the school and is willing to put in the time and effort and isn't doing anything illegal to get fired/goto jail, so Admin won't force a change. That's the way it is at most public schools. Fact.

: : : : Coach Stan is not a teacher and I think Stan has some type of ties to the principal, that's why he is still there. It is hard to believe that Chino Hills is relevant in all girls sports except basketball.

: : : : Must be tickling something for the principal with it..
: : Everyone knows how bad the coaching and program is at Chino Hills every year the million dollar question is how do you get Stan out of there.Stan is a terrible coach and a program that has no direction , parents have tried talking to the AD and principal about Stan and the only reply thats given is that Stan is the only one who ever applies for the coaching job,

: : Administration is lying if thatís what they are saying. Theyíve never posted that job since Stan took it. There would be plenty of qualified coaches who would love that job.

To all you disgusted parents and fans of Chino Hills girls basketball its just a matter of time when Mrs breenes the principal of Chino Hills gets tired of her name being associated with the likes of Stan. Parents its not the school, its not the area, its not the girls , its all Stan Stewart stopping the program from succeeding. Stan if you really cared about the girls you would quit immediately. Stan I know you won't quit because you care more about you than the girls in your program. I know Stan you say that your the best coach in the baseline league and that you offer the best training for your girls. Stan I would just like to know why you been holding back on all this basketball knowledge for the past eight years? The truth to the matter is Stan does not know shit about basketball , if you think I'm lying just go to one of his games.

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