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Posted by Capitalist on November 30, 2018 at 17:26:42:

In Reply to: Re: Why Is The Officiating So Bad posted by Let me Explain on November 30, 2018 at 13:50:47:

: : : : Why do girls tournaments always seem to have such horrible officiating? I understand that boys are the draw, but the quality of officiating at the girls level is embarrassing. I've seen officials basically walk up and down the floor and have even seen officials screw up a jump ball situation at the beginning of the game and not knowing rules. This doesn't help the young ladies at all, and takes away from the game so that it is unwatchable

: : : LOL!! The above poster is the perfect example of the parent that yells at referees the whole game about every little missed call. These parents usually sit in the back row filming their little sweetheart and yelling the whole time about every call. These referees are being paid to do a very tough job. Could they do better? Sure. But they are not NBA or college referees. Most of these referees are volunteering their time to do this job. It would help if parents cut them some slack. Let your coaches do their jobs and hold the referees accountable for the missed calls. If something is missed usually a referee will admit to it and try to correct their mistake the next time. We are all human after all and we all make mistakes or we miss something. If the above poster or anybody else want to try can become a referee. We have a huge shortage of referees because of the constant verbal abuse and threats from entitled parents. Also the pay isn't that great either. If you are unhappy with the officiating how about you do the job. I know none of you will sign up. We will hear the usual excuses of, "I don't have time" or "I have better things to do." If that is the case then how about you just shut up and let the players, the coaches and the officials do their job. I promise you that the other parents around you would love it if you were to stop yelling at everyone and everything. Just go to the game and cheer your daughter and her teammates on and post your little highlight videos on YouTube.

: : :: Doesn't excuse incompetence. I don't think the poster is talking about "every little call". SOME of these refs (the majority actually do GREAT!) seem not to know even the BASICS about ref'ing. And also, MOST of the time, the refs ARE getting paid something. It's just that you would think before putting on that uniform - they would at least know the basics?

: Best Refs - goto Boys Varsity and still get many complaints from Coaches/Fans/Parents/Players/etc. Now keep that in mind.

: Next Tier Girls Varsity, then Boys JV, Boys F, Girls JV, Girls F get the worst.

: So if you are talking a girls varsity, those should be the 2nd best refs they got hahaha, but you've been to games, they getting killed out there being hounded by everyone, so what was once a hobby/2nd job/for some fun & money turns into, I'm not doing this anymore next season. Thus, more neubs and rinse and repeat, so yeah, let's just leave them alone and HOPEFULLY they get better and stick around.

If you want College Officiating then pay the price, you get what you pay for. It's as simple as that.

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