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Posted by My 2 Cents on November 26, 2018 at 09:00:02:

In Reply to: Re: Down year posted by Facts are facts on November 26, 2018 at 08:27:59:

: : : : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : : : Down year maybe but Narbonne just beat Chaminade

: : : : : : : : : : Man, the talent in the city section Basketball is way way down this year. What happened? The last 3-4 years the city section has been very solid. It’s terrible, I guess anyone can win it all this year? Granada and el Camino who never came close to winning it all the last 5 years are the favorites I guess.

: : : : : : : : : The best girls are now playing other sports and now that African American girls are discovering volleyball, it has made Basketball, especially City section go way, way down. And if you watch the younger kids, there aren't many playing and those that are, aren't greatly talented. City section is down, but girls basketball is down all over California and the nation.

: : : : : : : : The elephant in the room that can't be discussed is the biggest reason for this. Not as much of a factor in volleyball.

: : : : : : : Great, more opportunities for my younger daughters to get college full rides.
: : : : : : Look around. Still lots of talent, even more so now because of better club development. Difference is thst the few previous great players were WAY better than the other girls, now just better. Ten years ago charisma averages thirty a game and any 6’2 girl was unstoppable. Competition just better overall. No more can a girl score 60 or seventy unless its in a low level division. DOMINANT lynwood girl held to eleven by 5’8 girl while little asian kid scored 26. Talent spread out and holds each other in check. Just an opinion. And to be fair im wrong on lots of opinions.

: : : : : The numbers bear out that basketball amongst girls is on the major downside. The elephant in the room has been discussed before but the perception is that basketball is a lesbian sport. Also, one for "ghetto" lesbians and you can read that any way you want.

: : : : : Volleyball is also popular because many if not most girls don't like physical contact. They don't want to get elbowed in the face so being on opposite sides of the net help. Then again, that doesn't account for the rise in soccer over basketball.

: : : : : Popular sports amongst girls has always been cyclical but I think certain factions pushed basketball for a while. The girls rejected it and went into their own sport of choice.

: : : : Yah sure, you are saying that because your girl probably can't ball, lol

: : : : The events we just had, Redondo-Troy-Keppel just to name a few, were packed with fans and plenty of talents on the court. Bottom line is that basketball is not an easy sports unlike a soccer for example.

: : : : You have to get the fundamentals down before you can begin to really play. There are a lot of elements in play which makes the sports so exciting to watch and play.

: : : : In soccer, you can just run around the field and you will probably blend with the rest of the girls. Not in basketball, you got no handles and you will stand out. You can't fake your way.

: : : Basketball fans are so touchy that they can't even face facts.

: : : Here is the ESPN article from almost two years ago. Significant passages:

: : : Two years ago, for the first time, more high school girls played volleyball (432,176) than basketball (429,504), according to the National Federation of State High School Associations. In 2015-16, volleyball added another 4,133 girls to those numbers, while basketball lost 276 participants.

: : : Examine the past decade, and the numbers are more striking. Statistics compiled by the NFHS show an increase of more than 40,000 volleyball players in that span and a decrease of 23,000 basketball players.

: : : "There's been a huge African-American crossover into our sport, and it's become the social norm now to play volleyball, whereas 10 or 15 years ago, it was basketball," Texas coach Jerritt Elliott said. "It appeals not just to the super tall but the super small. The super small has a niche with the libero and the [defensive specialist] position where they can find success at a very high level."

: : :

: : : Here are NATIONAL high school numbers from 2015-2016.
: : : Basketball: 429,380
: : : Volleyball: 436,309
: : : Soccer: 381,529

: : : 2014-2015
: : : Basketball: 429,504 17,653 schools reporting
: : : Volleyball: 432, 176 15,534 schools reporting
: : : Soccer: 375,681 11,502 schools reporting

: : : 2013-2014
: : : Basketball: 433,344 17,754 schools reporting
: : : Volleyball:429,634 15,672 schools reporting
: : : Soccer: 374,564 11,354 schools reporting

: : : 2012-2013
: : : Basketball: 433,120 17,493 schools reporting
: : : Volleyball: 420,208 15,565 schools reporting
: : : Soccer: 371,532 11,351 schools reporting

: : : 2008
: : : Basketball: 444,809 17,582 schools reporting
: : : Volleyball: 404,243 15,069 schools reporting
: : : Soccer: 344,534 10,548 schools reporting

: : :
: : It does not matter that there are fewer girls. Ten years ago girls were not handling the ball , shooting the ball , or playing good fundamental d like they do now. Just like every other sport the level of play elevates. The “and one” generation just more talented than before. Watch the open level and you will see talent. Most d1 teams even have some outstanding talent. High school girls basketball was unwatchable twenty thirty years ago and now its not

: Fewer girls means less talent. The top girls are not playing the sport and the ones who are generally are mimicking the boys, i.e. one on one and athletically, they simply aren't talented enough to accomplish it. The athletes today are more gifted, which is a natural physical progression but that doesn't make the game any better.

: As for girls hs basketball being unwatchable twenty years ago, that's a combination of tastes changing and evolving. You can say the same with pretty much any sport, even an exhibition like pro wrestling. They change with the times and audience's eyes change as well.

: The fact that so many girls have left basketball is a topic of serious conversation but it is clear that some people are totally unwilling to even acknowledge it, even with facts are placed right in front of them.

This has been discussed over and over the last couple of years.

Some comments/observations:

1. Less girls are playing basketball and are drifting to other sports, most especially volleyball

2. The talent of the top girls is better than ever, but the number of these elite level players is not the same and getting less each year.

3. How many teams are better than they were last year or even a few years ago? And yes you can find some examples of those who are or may be, but most are not. I see several teams playing girls who would have been JV players five years ago. This is especially true in City Section and other non-power (basketball-wise) public schools. Talent is accumulating at privates and the "power" public schools (i.e. Etiwanda, LB Poly, etc.) while the rest have a smaller pool to pick from.

4. There is a perception of corruption in basketball (men and women), with event operators and "trainers" gouging parents. Until there is a governing body, this will only get worse. This problem doesn't exist in volleyball, which is run regionally, but under guidance of USA Volleyball.

This is a healthy discussion to have as long as people are civil and realistic and take their personal bias out of it.

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