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Posted by I think the point is.... on September 22, 2018 at 13:05:51:

In Reply to: Re: Go Away Fall Storm and WCP for HS posted by Common Sense on September 22, 2018 at 12:16:46:

: : : : : : Why are these programs running events right now. Just stop. Storm is running a HS tourney in Palm Springs 9 days before the start of the season. What HS coach would put their team in such an event and risk injury right before the start of the season. WCP is running a non viewing even for club. Please just stop. I know you guys need money but let the kids get ready for their HS seasons and risk not getting injured for meaningless events. HS players please boycott these events. They make enough money off of you in the summer.

: : : : : I really like your rationale don't play in these events because I don't think it is right. Who nominated you the voice of reason?? Oh that's right you did because you think your opinion matters over everyone else's. Don't risk injuries playing in these games but playing in a fall league is fine? What getting hurt in a high school game is better than getting hurt in a club game? Right now both a fall league game and this club tournament are meaningless and if a kid gets hurt in either one it would be bad. But, kids can get injured anytime of the year doing the simplest thing. They can get hurt during practice, messing around with friends, walking across the street. What you are saying just show how ignorant you truly are about basketball. As a coach, I would want to play some really good competition a week or so before the start of season. I am jumping at the opportunity. That game could show me so much rather than sitting out fall or the final weeks and just practicing. What if my first game is against a good team but my kids fold under pressure because we haven't played anybody good in a month or longer. I want to throw my team into the fire as much as possible. I want my starters to play to simulate game speed. You can't do that during practice. So as you scream boycott many of us coaches will gladly sign up for these games. Let us coaches decide what is best for our team. If you feel like you don't want your kid to play because you are afraid of her getting hurt, then don't have her play. She will not be missed at all and the other kids on the team will benefit from her absence. Let us coaches do our jobs and stop interfering with things that you know nothing about. Just be a parent and stop thinking that your voice or your opinion matters because it doesn't.

: : : : I hear you POS but here is the difference

: : : : I don't want my kids playing 4 games over 2 days before the season. That wear and tear is usually when kids get hurt. During the summer playing multiple games days in a row. I would love one game against good comp. Maybe even two but only one day. Secondly, yes a kid can get injured playing anywhere but as a coach I do want to risk the chances at all times. That means my kids should not be doing anything other than bonding with their HS team mates in fall practice . We also do injury prevention in the weight room and that may or may not help but I didn't lose any kids the last three seasons so I will go with it.

: : : : I also want my kids to go full speed. One game a week. No more. Its about practice and preparation now. The game is our lab.

: : : : I respect you as you dislike parents as much as most but I do agree with some things the original poster stated. We can agree to disagree.

: : : If you're a coach, how do you not know that your team plays 2 games a week during league? I've never heard of any team that plays 1 game a week during league play.

: : I am a coach. I am talking about fall league. We play one game each Saturday.

: I have to believe that POS's assessment is more in line with what teams should be doing. Just off the top of my head, I see at least 11 teams in WCP's HS division who have won CIF and/or state championships, with a couple of others that have been on the cusp of winning. I'm sure none of those teams are sweating injuries. They are a part of the game and they're going to happen no matter how cautious you are.

: I think POS's point is, you have to prepare your team every year like you're about to make a state run, not just for your schedule. Those teams at WCP's are, and the players who are playing individually to play for a club team this weekend are preparing themselves to carry their HS team through the season.

....there is a difference between playing in these fall tourneys as a HS team vs. playing on a club team.

With no viewing period in the fall any more, there is no need for HS club teams to still be playing.

I have no problem with fall tourneys such as WCP, but now there should only be HS teams playing, no club teams (unless they are club MS teams playing in F/S or JV or low varisty divisions).

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