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Posted by A Parent on September 17, 2018 at 18:29:50:

In Reply to: Re: Guess Stan isn't the worst coach in Chino Hills... posted by Common Sense on September 17, 2018 at 08:43:13:

: : : : : : : Ayala's JV coach got fired for allegations of bullying and unwanted touching. The head coach, who is the wife of the JV coach, was facing allegations of bullying herself and quit before the investigation could conclude. Now the rest of the staff has quit "in protest".

: : : : : : : I may not be a Stan fan, but this is a pretty bad look for Ayala. No wonder none of the disgruntled Chino Hills players ever headed there.

: : : : : : Dear poster STan Stewart is still the worst coach in Chino Hills he has earn that title fair and square. Dear poster Coach Stan and his assistant coach Butler are both well known for their bullying and retaliation against players, it's just a matter of time when the principal stops covering for the both of them and sends them packing.As far as the coach at Ayala She ran a great program and i'm sure she will be missed.

: : : : : If Stan is well known for bullying, then it's the fault of the players and their parents at Chino Hills for never standing up to him and taking it to the school board as the Ayala parents did. Considering how many CH parents despise him, you can't tell me one of them wouldn't have reported him in a heartbeat.

: : : : : Saying the Ayala coach "ran a great program" and "I'm sure she will be missed" is the biggest crock I've ever heard. You don't get either of those distinctions when you're physically and mentally abusing your players. Running a program that allows it on 2 levels puts you light years ahead of others as far a being a crap coach.

: : : : : Plenty of parents complained about Stan to the AD and principal about him and his bullying ways and poor coaching ability. Stan would be the 1st to tell you he is good buddies with the AD and principal, so he is t going anywhere. Kudos to the Ayala administration for addressing issues Chino Hills never would. By the way I know at least 5 players who chose Ayala over Chino Hills because they refused to play for Stan.

: : : If the parents complained about Stan's coaching ability while complaining about his bullying, then they've given the Chino Hills admin an easy out to blow off their complaints. THey will just be chalked up as complaints about their kids minutes.

: : : From the articles I've read, it seems that Ayala's administration didn't address their issue appropriately, and it took going to the district to truly get something done.

: : : It doesn't seem like there's a good option for players who live in Chino Hills. Maybe they need to overrun Chino or Don Lugo instead of dealing with the BS at either of those schools.

: : : My daughter played for Stan last year. Check this out, look at those same kids playing for Stan look decent or bad but then out the with their club team with good coaching against better competition and they look way better! Just sell cupcakes and kiss his butt and your kid will get plenty of playing time they don�t deserve.

: There is no doubt that Stan mismanages his talent and plays favorites to those who fundraise over the summer versus those who play club (unless you're a star player that is). I'm not saying the man is a great coach. I personally think he's a terrible coach. But I think that what the Ayala coach did makes her a terrible human being. Same goes for her husband. See the difference?

: I do see the difference but what you and other may not be aware of is in Addition to being a poor coach, Stan is also a terrible human being. Verbal and mental abuse and being vengeful towards young women are just a couple of the things he does. What happened at Ayala sounds terrible as well, but make no mistake about it Stan is maybe even a worse person than he is a coach.

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