Re: Burroughs Scores from Afternoon- Part 2

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Posted by Agreed on September 16, 2018 at 16:19:37:

In Reply to: Re: Burroughs Scores from Afternoon- Part 2 posted by Parent on September 16, 2018 at 09:59:15:

: : : : Mr POS,

: : : : I don't claim to know about basketball. All I am trying to do is give some scores that so many people on this site want. I have some free time on Saturdays. Your negativity and anger towards me and others is too much. You may want to see a counselor for it. I will pray it gets better.

: : : Hey Betsy. The first sentence right there is what sums up your existence on this site. You know nothing about basketball therefore you shouldn't be coming onto this site and posting any kind of evaluation or anything because YOU KNOW NOTHING. Even you said it.

: : : All you are doing is wasting your time by doing this. Hell, you were so stupid you almost wound up in Ridgecrest. So not only did you waste your gas but also your time by going to this fall league. Are you truly that stupid? Are you truly that naive that you think by doing this you are doing something good for the world? If you think that you are, wake up and smell the coffee. What you are doing serves no purpose. All you are doing is allowing people to be lazy asses by telling them bad information about a fall league game.

: : : By doing what you are doing prevents Burroughs from making more money because these idiots don't want to drive and waste their own gas and waste their own time by going to Burroughs. The more times you report scores means less people willing to drive to Burbank and spend what $3 on admission to a fall league game. You think you are doing something good or right and it makes your little heart pitter-patter, but all you are doing is stealing money from a bunch of teenage girls. And before anybody comes on here and says anything like the Burroughs coach makes money off of this league, look in the mirror before you say that. That money is going to the kids or into cutting the costs for their budget.

: : : As for you Betsy, you don't like what I have to say, then here is what I recommend, don't click on my comments. It is very simple that a brainless twit like you can do that. I am sorry that what I post or comment on hurts all of your feelings. I find it so funny that you all are so sensitive and that you can't handle constructive criticism or even God forbid the truth! So keep on hating me for what I say or do. That's fine as you can tell I am not going anywhere nor will I stop dishing out what you all can't handle.

: : There is no prayer for POS. He is too far gone to be saved. Venemous. He is a little troll who hides behind the forum. He is addicted to it. 24/7 nonstop. At least parents or coaches have a reason to be on this site. Mr POS is a troll on a girls basketball site for no reason. Checks it dozens of times a day. Has no life except to rip. SAD SAD SAD. Betsy all of us appreciate that you care. We all know the real season is what is important not fall, but still like your efforts. You are a good person and he is EVIL. Period. Addicted trolll.

: Thank you Betsy, appreciate what you are doing. We were at the earlier game but it's nice to get results for the afternoon and other games as well. Thank you!

I agree that was bit harsh on POSí part. I think itís great that Betsy is posting the scores for those people that find fall that important. Bless her little heart perhaps loves the game. But Betsy donít post stats or an evaluations it isnít necessary because there basically scrimmage games.

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