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Posted by daddyo on September 16, 2018 at 12:02:00:

In Reply to: Re: st.joseph lakewood coach posted by Bosco on September 15, 2018 at 19:12:47:

: : : : : : : heard news that coach lee quit last week just 2 months before the season. why did he quit so abruptly. I heard that the school were going to fire him because he was not putting an effort into the basketball program because he is working at bosco. this school has done everything to ruin the basketball program by there bad hires. now they have hired a new coach just 2 days after coach lee quit with no interviews or resume to look at. your not going to get any quality coach this late into the school year. the seniors will now play for there 4th coach in 4 years ridiculous. why would any quality coach want to coach at this school knowing there reputation. its a ness.

: : : : : : So is your English and typing.

: : : : : ::He was no good anyways. All talk, mostly hot air. School doesn't deserve a quality coach. No talent there.

: : : :
: : : : What a stupid comment.

: : : : I don't know anything about this school, but to say they "don't deserve a quality coach" because there is no talent is just lame.

: : : : First of all, every school, every team DESERVE a quality coach.

: : : : Whether or not they have one, know how to get one, or are even able to get one is another story.

: : : : But everyone DESERVES one.

: : : ::First of all, learn how to read. I wrote 4 separate sentences. The school doesn't deserve a "quality coach". Because they won't treat them right and won't support them. And there is no basketball talent there. Yes, all kids deserve a good coach. But, I was responding to the previous comments, about a "quality coach". If the administration is not sports friendly, then the sports programs will suffer. Which is bad for the kids that are there wanting to play a sport. No quality coach, with the right intentions will take the job, knowing they will have to battle an administration that doesn't care.

: : vice principle is the problem.take that to the bank.she has no clue and tells a.d how to run all sports.

: Why doesn't SJ go down the street to their brother school and learn how to run a good sports program? I mean really...

St Josephs should be the 6th school in the Trinity League. Would do well in basketball, golf, tennis; struggle in soccer and volleyball. It's clear that that administration doesn't care about their teams.

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