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Posted by Results on September 03, 2018 at 18:19:03:

In Reply to: Re: Entitlement posted by In The Know on September 03, 2018 at 17:33:18:

: : : : : : : : When did girls fall league become so expensive???
: : : : : : : : $35 - $40 dollars a game. Donít say ref fees because they only making $25 a game.

: : : : : : : $10-$15 goes to the girls program. Most all city school donít help pay for tournaments, equipment, uniforms. So these fall league help profit to raise funds for these things.

: : : : : : : Right??? And they won't even take the time to post results the following day or 2.

: : : : : Looks like you are a upset parent . Donít be mad Burroughs didnít post result. You could of always drove your happy self to Burbank and watch the games.

: : : : Not everyone has the time to spend their entire Saturday at Burroughs. May daughter had the earlier game but would be nice to know how the other games went not to mention those that played at different site.

: : : : Is it really to much to ask to post results from other games? Even just to note winners and not the scores. If am hosting an event posting results is a no brainer. But that's just me, not everyone is willing to do the extra work. It's all about the $$$ now a days, sad.

: : :
: : : I have been a coach for almost 20 years now and there is one thing I absolutely hate and that is parents that think they are entitled to everything. Just shut the F up. I could care less about you and wanting to know everything or that you think your opinion matters. If us coaches don't want to post fall league results than don't get your panties in a bunch. I am sure the Burroughs coach is busy being a TEACHER first than worrying about posting her fall league results. You think because the Burroughs coach didn't post results that she is all about the money now? Really, you arrogant ass!! Get over yourself. People like you make me sick of coaching because you try to make everything about you. Or if its not about you, you try to make it about your spoiled rotten, I can't dribble a basketball but I am on the 6th Cal Storm team and I should be Taurasi kid of yours. So please how about you do this, just shut the F up. Make sure your benchwarmer of a kid gets to the games and practice on time. Don't forget to cheer for the team and also talk trash behind everyone's back because it makes you feel better.

: :
: : All these just for a fan requesting for info on how the games went??? WTF, this is exactly what's wrong with youth sports now a days. Back then, even coordinators gladly will go the extra to provide their fans/viewers results.

: : This is the norm from folks that know how to run events like Palisades tournament, Troy, Redondo Unions just to name a few.

: : They don't jump on you and call you jerk and demean your daughter. What's wrong with some of you coaches. Why do you get so worked out when someone shows interest to your events and ask a simple question, "who won the game?".

: : I wasn't going to comment on this but it's starting to go really bad.

: The bottom line is that some teams don't want the event director to post results. It's that simple, otherwise they will not sign up or go somewhere else next time.

: Burroughs is a well eun and have been great on providing results from previous years. But alot of coaches don't want for results to go out, go figure.

All this talk of results. It's fall league. It doesn't count. If you just see a score, you aren't getting the full picture. Was everyone for both teams there and playing? Were both coaches trying to win? Or just get everyone some run? Results are meaningless in a vacuum. You cannot put these scores and games into context without watching them live.

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