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Posted by Inside knowledge on August 02, 2018 at 08:28:19:

In Reply to: Re: San Gabriel valley league predictions posted by See Game on August 01, 2018 at 06:29:58:

: : : : : : How will this league stack this year? Will Lynwood run away with it again? 3 teams made play offs and those teams had State playoffs bids too, with only one team winning a championship. Thoughts??

: : : : : Lynwood will probably runaway with it again.
: : : : : Downey has many kids that will return. But I think a big surprise is going to be Dominguez
: : : : : I've followed this league for the past 10 years and there gonna make some noise . Expect big things from them.

: : : : That was their cry last year. Did they beat any division team? I'm calling 1.Lynwood 2.Downey 3. Warren after that it doesn't matter you can guess places after 3 and probably be right. Those 3 teams have better guard play than any other team in division.

: : : The only reason Lynwood, Downey and Warren had deep runs in the playoffs was because none of them were in Division 1. None of these teams beat anybody good. Just look at their schedules and you would see that these teams were a joke last season and I guarantee will be again this season. How sad is it to see Lynwood fall as far as they have. Lynwood was once a powerhouse but now they are a joke. Barfield stealing players left and right with his "club" connections and couldn't put a better team together? Downey with all of their talent and hot air has also underachieved and will continue to do so. Downey couldn't win last year and they won't win anything this year except maybe their own tournament which is a farce. The Downey coach will stack one of the sides with the best teams and his side with a bunch of cupcakes, so Downey can coast to the finals. What a joke. No wonder none of the "elite" teams go to the Downey Tournament. Then there is Warren. The only reason Warren won a CIF Championship last year was because of how horrible their division was. I mean Warren had to goto overtime to beat Long Beach Wilson who was the #32 seed. Warren last year was the worst team to win a CIF title. The only reason why Warren was down in Division 3A was because Coach Palmer got caught with an ineligible player two years ago and had to forfeit all of their games. Just think if Warren didn't get caught cheating and actually followed the rules they wouldn't have won their title last year. I guess cheaters do prosper under this CIF equality system. As for the other teams in the SGV League they are garbage, trash and a dumpster fire.

: : I agree with the Lynwood thing. Lynwood has went down hill alot. And I've heard similar things of coaches stealing players. The Downey coach is afraid of any real competition and would put his "ELITE" team agasint a real CIF champion. Warren the same thing. I didn't think they played any real top caliber teams but hey they won a championship so not much to say about that. Then there's Dominguez. Coming back up. I strongly do believe that they will be a creeper this season. They will make some noise and be the top team this year in the San Gabriel valley league.

: Wow! Someone wrote a hate thesis. Lol! Thanks for the history lesson though. Our team has some girls that use travel circuits to get season ready. I've never known our coach to steal player's if that was true Lynwood wouldn't be as you guys put it down. We play a tough schedule regardless of what is mentioned. If Dominguez improved this year good and that'll mean they have a slew of new players, which means possible recruiting or stealing players, lol. Dominguez played a powder puff schedule and was challenged in our division by top 3 teams 1.Lynwood 2.Downey 3.Warren even Ghar posed to be more challenging than Domin. I agree about easy games in division except only 2 schools play in Nike TOC which is us and Warren. Keeping it 100 Warren was the only school that was a challenge for us. I thought Downey would be, but I saw Warren gave us a challenge in our division. Warren had a good combination of a center and an athletic guard that made them relevant and respectable. It appears someone knows a lot of details about teams, so either you're an AD or a coach. It's good to know all the tidbits though. But at least give league a little more respect. 3 top teams made play offs a team is a champion from our league. Even questioning a championship is crazy and sounds more like hate vs basketball knowledge. Warren played as was stated "#32 Wilson" and won in overtime. Do you not know Wilson beat #1 seeded team Lancaster? Did you know Wilson is in same league as Long beach poly and Milikan? Do you know a couple of Wilson players play on respectable travel teams? So I wouldn't hate on any teams success especially if they won a championship. You had 3 possible championships from our league that in itself is impressive. To trash talk a league with that kind of success is just jealousy. So in all sincerity give me your 1 thru 6 and explain why you feel that way? I'm staying with my 1.Lynwood 2.Downey 3.Warren and saying after that it's a toss up, because based on last year these 3 schools had better skilled guards and that wont change this year either.

No sleepers. Same results as last year with finishes. This year Downey may actually finish 1 this year, because they're bringing back more players from last year.

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