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Posted by Foothill League Coaching on July 26, 2018 at 08:10:01:

In Reply to: Re: Starting my Crazy Talk in Santa Clarita B-Ball posted by Seen All Teams on July 25, 2018 at 15:23:08:

: : : : : : : Hello Ya'll. I'm about to start my controversial message today with my prediction for the Santa Clarita girls' high school Foothill league standings once the season is played out.

: : : : : : : 1. Saugus

: : : : : : : 2. Canyon

: : : : : : : 3. Valencia

: : : : : : : 4. Hart

: : : : : : : 5. Golden Valley

: : : : : : : 6. West Ranch

: : : : : : : I think this year will be Saugus's year after years of getting beaten by the Valencia and Canyon. It seems like It will be a yar or two before Valencia and Canyon reloads. Hart can be a dark horse in this. Golden Valley and West Ranch will be a big surprise if they can end up in the top three.

: : : : : : UMMMMM - if you have seen most teams play this summer, then I would feel sorry for your ability to "evaluate". You did say "I think" and "It seems", so I'm guessing you have not seen any games. I've seen a few games/teams this summer (not all) & I conclude for now: Saugus has a fighting chance. Canyon has no chance. Hart has no chance. GV & WR per usual will fight it out to not go 0-10. Valencia is favorite based on their summer play.

: : : : : : 1. Valencia 10-0
: : : : : : 2. Saugus 8-2
: : : : : : 3. Canyon/Hart 5-5
: : : : : : 6. GV/WR 1-9

: : : : : Canyon has no chance. They lost everybody.

: : : : : Per the last comment, it has to have been a Valencia folk giving their input, which is totally appreciated. However, I donít feel the same way. Sorry, but Iím not drinking the same Kool aid. I do think Saugus will win the division this year, with Canyon coming in 2nd and Valencia in 3rd.
: : : I have nothing to do with Valencia. You can't lose your top 4 players with no depth on the bench as proven in their playoff loss. Plus the lower level teams were horrible, so where are they going to get the talent to finish second. I say Saugus and Valencia will battle it out.

: : I agree with the first post, Saugus is the favorite, this is their year

: :::I have seen every team multiple times this summer and have a real good feel for the league.
: Valencia and Saugus are the 2 favorites. I give the edge to Valencia because Saugus hasn't come close to beating Valencia in years. Both games last season were Valencia blowouts. I think Saugus may be the better team, but mentally, Valencia holds a huge advantage. Valencia is again going through the annual Fire Jerry Mike requests from the girls. How much of a distraction this will be remains to be seen. I do know that Valencia does not have strong leadership on the team, so the Jerry Mike stuff may affect their season.
: I think Canyon will finish 3rd and Hart 4th. Canyon lost everybody but is still the only team with any height, plus they are getting a 6'3" transfer in from Colorado. I also think Canyon has the best head coach and the top coaching staff. If she can develop the kids she has, Canyon will challenge both Valencia and Saugus for the league.
: Hart will always play very hard, but they just don't have the horses. Word is that their senior post player suffered a couple concussions this summer and may be done with ball. If she's out, Hart will struggle. She was the glue for them.
: I think Golden Valley will finish 5th and West Ranch 6th. Golden Valley got a few nice freshmen in and will begin to build around those girls. West Ranch got in 1 decent freshman but lost their best returning player who quit because of disagreements with the head coach. There are rumors about kids transferring out also because of issues with the coach.
: Golden Valley is on the rise, while West Ranch is continuing to struggle.
: Just my take, Thought????

Some random comments on some of the Foothill coaches:

Valencia - Don't think he is a great coach, but the results are there. Obviously, a lot of that is the talent they had have. Any team with Konrad is going to win games. But let's remember most of the "heavy lifting" on that staff has been/is by Honnaker, both in HS and with SCV Triple Threat. With his daughter now a soph playing college ball in Oregon, how much will he still be around and impacting the program?

Canyon - I think she is a good coach. Look at Bowers and the other bigs that just graduated. When they were frosh and sophs they were not even able to contribute. Turned into solid HS players and Bowers is going to Boise State. Obviously, some of that is because of club, but she had them 9 months a year. On the other hand, she is almost too intense, especially in the summer and fall leagues. Playing your key players 35-40 mins a game is going a bit overboard. That really hampers the development of other rotation and role palyers. Now that Talia, Bowers, and crew have graduated, let's see what she can do. Will it be a reload? Or a rebuild? That lack of development may make it the latter.

West Ranch - The guy knows basketball. He knows how to coach basketball. But you wonder if his style is a fit there as they just don't have much talent. I think the way he coaches, especially the "tough love" would be effective with better players that have higher aspirations. My observations of their players is that they enjoy basketball, but it's more an activity. If you saw his daughters play, they were tough, hard-nosed players who left it all out on the court every game. He coaches the same way, and to be successful doing that, you need a certain brand of players.

Saugus - He's a nice guy. He's a decent coach. I haven't seen him do anything special to win a big game. When he has a little talent, he beats the teams they are better than. But have they ever beat anyone good in a real game (not spring/summer/fall)? And don't pull out some win over Hart. I'm talking a win against a top team in SCV/SFV area. Until that happens, I can't get behind them.

Much like many leagues this year, the Foothill league is down this year. So anything can really happen. Coaching may play a bigger role than in the last few years.

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