Re: Does OC girls basketball suck?

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Posted by See the bigger picture. Correction about female perception. on July 23, 2018 at 07:04:00:

In Reply to: Re: Does OC girls basketball suck? posted by See the bigger picture. on July 23, 2018 at 07:00:25:

: : Such truth--finally being spoken!! Too many entitled kids with parents whom believed they have already made it so they do nothing to improve their game. Some hire trainers only to get into games and find themselves unable to play with four other players on their team, just too much one on one. They find themselves unable to read helpside defense. Then on offense they shoot 35 times and score 15 points and the crowd erupts, leaving many of us in the stands that know real basketball to sit there thinking "WHATT? We are really cheering for shot attempts and not makes?" We need to pull these kids aside and tell them the truth. It is so hard to watch games now, even at some elite levels. And these high school games are just beyond unwatchable, post players with no post moves, guards with no vision, shooting guards who are unable to shoot unless they take 35 attempts. Something needs to be done ASAP!

: ALL the talented girls are going to Volleyball. There are a ton of 6 foot OC Girls that can hoop. However, three reasons they are leaving basketball, ; 1) Women's Basketball has pushed alot of girls away from the perception hat you cant be a female , "Ball is Life, TOM BOY sport now. I don't agree whole heartedly but all you have to do is watch the WNBA and there are a load of girls that don't appeal to 90 percent of girls in OC. I really hope this will change soon. 2) Too many of OC girls don't want the contact, so they play a sport that has the defense separated from them by a net. 3) Club/AAU Coaching what have you. There are too many people out there that think they can coach, so they take there average daughter and a few of her friends and create a team. Then it snowballs and because as UNC SOCCER WOMEN's coach states, "Let the team socialize at practice." teams are formed for social reasons rather than a desire to come better. For many in O.C at a wide array of levels its a social thing. I will say this every All County girl is headed to a College to hoop or get an education and in 90 percent of the cases isnt that good enough.

: HYPE is HYPE, its even worse on the boys side from Coast to Coast. I have my hands in both arenas and its laughable. I agree with you about what you are saying but its bigger than simply sucking. There is a TON of talent out there its just different now for many reasons.

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