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Posted by he's right you know on June 18, 2018 at 23:46:40:

In Reply to: Re: ALL Poachers posted by Sorry to you on June 18, 2018 at 21:28:16:

: : All these schools POACH talent from other schools and then take the credit for their development. Sad that NONE of the supposedly GOOD coaches can't take Avg. freshman and develop them into a player. CHEATERS in every way........Sick of these private schools.
: : Parents - I hope your kid losses their spot their junior year because of recruiting and then you realize you should have just gone to the local school and been a fan - not a pimp that sells his daughter for free tuition.

: : Sounds like it's coming from a parent who's daughter isn't good enough to play at the top level. I'm sorry that your daughter isn't good enough, you should have done a better job training her or should had invested on a quality trainer. Now you are just full of hate and jealously.

: You should not take it out on your daughter. There's life outside of basketball. Don't hate her just because she's not good enough to play at the top. Find your peace.

Agree 100%. Girls and boys side. Sierra canyon's team success is only because of transfers. Who is on SC team that has any talent, been developed there? DeJesus- Transfer, Marks-Transfer, and now rumor of a new transfer? they have maybe 2 decent girls that have been there since freshman year. Otherwise they depend on transfers. And the boys side? c'mon! All those poor kids' who's daddy pays for all that tuition just sitting on the bench while all these superstar transfers come in. That school should be ashamed. And those kids sitting on the bench should go elsewhere and start.

: :
: : : : : : : : Now that summer basketball is in full swing, one starts to wonder what group of teams will be the good ones this coming school year. Who will be a force to be reckoned with in the City, the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valley?

: : : : : : : : My input is this on this topic: Most likely the same every-year culprits will be on top once the regular season is all said and done. I'm not expecting any surprises. Are you or anyone else for that matter? I'm sure it will be the Harvard Westlakes, Alemanys, Sierra Canyon, Chaminade, Canyon, Valencia, Fairfax and Granada Hills of the girls' high school basketball world.

: : : : : : Am not sure bout HW, they got beatdown from Saugus twice, once at Burroughs and most recently at Valencia tournament. Saugus!!!! Can't remember the last time Saugus won their league.

: : : : : : That says a lot about how their season will be like this coming school year. No twins, no guards play just one decent 6'3" with limited handle. She's great down low specially if she got size on you. But keep her out of the paint, you'll see plenty of work needed.

: : : : : : Nade and Alemany lost plenty of starters from graduation, same goes to GH. Not sure if they have transfer coming in. Anyone got info on this?

: : : : : Mission league I think Nade and Alemany this year and give the edge to Nade, H.W is on a rebuilding year, but Sierra canyon is the best in the Valley now , I hear they're getting a transfer from Ribet.

: : : : : So Saugus beat beat HW? How good will Saugus be this coming year? Saw them play a little bit last year and they hustled and played smart bball at times in the playoff run. Just not sold on them as of now.

: : : It's a bit of Saugus being better but I think it's mostly because HW is that much of a lesser team this season.

: : : I feel for that girl Kiki, rebuilding isn't going to help her. She deserves a better team.

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