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Posted by Genius on June 18, 2018 at 13:18:34:

In Reply to: Re: Is Club basketball (spring, summer fall) becoming more important than HS basketball? posted by h00pzdad on June 18, 2018 at 10:00:01:

1) Play at a HS where you are the #1 or #2 option. Be a STARTER for 4 years and be a leader by Jr. year. Put up career #'s and show improvement ever year. (Frosh 10pts a game by SR. year putting up 20-25points a game). Yeah its great to play for OPEN teams but if you are 8th-12th on the bench CHEERLEADING who cares that you won a CIF title......you didn't really contribute.

2) Play for a club that does exposure tourneys and make sure you are in the starting rotation. Do NOT be a "Pay for the OTHERS" player who is there just to support the upper tier. Find a system and coach that plays TEAM ball. Not the pressure/trap/ drive to the basket recklessly - chuck 3's coach that only knows fast break and defensive pressure.

3) Put in the TIME in the classroom and on the court. You don't need trainers, shooting coaches, nutritionists, strength trainer.......it comes down to YOU!!! Your internal desire to improve and YOUR passion for the game. You either want it or you don't. Keep your grades up 3.5 or >gpa

4) DO NOT PLAY YEAR AROUND - Injuries and burnout will kill your soul........have time for family and friends.

: : : : : I feel like club ball is becoming more important than playing for your high school team. Is that true? If so, why?

: : : : For most kids, the answer is no. They will play out their high school career and that will be it. They can certainly get better by playing club, but they play for their school to be on the team, play with friends, be a part of the school community.

: : : : For kids wanting to play in college, in most cases it's almost the opposite. All the exposure (98% of the time) comes from club/travel ball. High School ball, while still filling the roles mentioned above, just keeps these higher level players sharp and improving since they are practicing every day.

: : : : But the trend is definitely switching to the club/travel side, just as it is in soccer and volleyball.

: : : downside to club ball is that it's often very unstructured...you only practice together 1-2x/wk (max), so it's more one-on-one and less about team. Upside is that high-level club/travel ball puts you in front of more coaches (same reason why big HS's play national tournaments like TOC in Phoenix).

: : : Think you need both to evaluate players-college basketball is structured, so I suspect coaches like to see how kids fit in a more structured situation.

: : ...due to time/budget constraints, college coaches rarely see kids play in high school. Maybe on video, but even that is not the same as seeing them live.

: : I think the decision to play one or the other, and to what degree, is almost an individual decision based on goals and abilities.

: This question gets asked every year. It's important to play both if your daughter wants to play at the next level. Very few players are recruited for college without playing club ball. College coaches will tell you that high school ball is too slow and not competitive enough for a proper evaluation of how a player will perform at the next level. If someone tells you that a child doesn't need to play club, odds are you are talking to a high school coach. Stay away from high schools who discourage club participation.

: And not all clubs are about one-on-one play. There are plenty of clubs and teams who focus on team play. Find a coach you like whose style fits the way your daughter plays, and with other players who your daughter will enjoy playing, and that plays the types of viewing tournaments that will get your daughter exposure.

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