Re: Not a true Futures Stars All Game!

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Posted by Watcher on June 11, 2018 at 16:34:44:

In Reply to: Re: Not a true Futures Stars All Game! posted by Yes on June 11, 2018 at 14:45:18:

: : : : : : : Why didn't Taylor Donaldson or Savana Falaval from Oaks Christian play in this game?

: : : : : : they were invited but never responded

: : : : : So basically they stacked one side and embarrassed the other side and called it a showcase event - LOL! Showcase of stupidity.........."hey girls come to our event, pay to play (we will give you a $5 T-shirt, depending on what side you were on - get destroyed and embarrassed or play an avg JV team and risk getting injured." Oh invite your family and friends so we can drain more money out of you and your family."

: : : : : Whats the point? Really? Try balancing out the squads next time and make the game 1/2 way competitive.

: : : : : Another "money grab" event brought to you by you know who!

: : : : No what happened is people from the other side were listed to play and did not. For example, Sierra canyon players, then it would have been balanced teams.

: : : :No what happened was some of the players on the east side weren’t even the 2nd or 3rd best players on their own teams yet somehow they’re on the “All Star Team”, if it were a true Future Stars game it would have included several freshman who were clearly some of the best players in the valley. You but the HW freshmen, Burroughs Freshman, the Sierra Canyon Girls, and Providence Freshman and the game is skewed the other way. Although those players would’ve probably not played because the club teams were all in tournaments on the weekend.

: : They were probably invited but could not make it. Just a case of one sides better players showing and the other side had to filled with who they get. I know girls on the original list that were not even notified until the before the practice. Also having a practice for something like this diring finals is a bad idea.

: There were several girls listed to play that did not. Some because they were playing club and some for other reasons. Know that there were 3 Sierra Canyons girls listed for the East team that did not show up. If they did the team would have been more balanced. It is that simple.

My D. Played in the game last year. Very close game. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes not., had the girl from cv and the sierra cny. Girls showed it would have been a game. I agree with one poster though. You have your dierctions backwards need a compass.

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