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Posted by joke on May 11, 2018 at 12:51:45:

In Reply to: Re: Chino Hills Baseline league posted by Actually POS on May 10, 2018 at 16:35:24:

: : : : Everyone states the girls Baseline basketball league is too tough for Chino Hills but Chino Hills does well in every other sport like girls softball which they just dominated league play.My question is why can't Chino Hills field a competitive girls basketball team.

: : : Why is fielding a competitive basketball team so important for the parents and people of Chino Hills? The parents talk relentlessly about how bad the coach is and about how he does this or doesn't do that. Maybe if the parents would keep their mouth's shut and let the man coach and not undermine his coaching the team might do better. Instead, I am sure the parents are telling their kids not to listen to the coach and thus the team never does anything or wins anything. In my years of basketball, Chino Hills has never done anything worthwhile in girls basketball. Has Chino Hills had good teams and good players sure but that is all Chino Hills has had. Instead almost every year the fans and parents of Chino Hills come on here or can be heard talking about how good they are going to be or how they are going to beat Etiwanda. All this hot air and overhyping of this team has been going on for over a decade now even before the current coach got there. Please stop hyping a team or a school that has done nothing and will do nothing. Let the kids enjoy their high school experience and high school basketball years without over the top and insane expectations from overzealous and crazy parents.

: : : Luckily, for Chino Hills CIF has competitive equality so Chino Hills will probably have a deep playoff run or even God forbid win a CIF Championship in the near future. Chino Hills and the other schools in the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire are the poster children for CIF competitive equality. The school administration and the coaches can't compete and are always getting outcoached in the playoffs so they went to CIF crying about how things need to be fair and thus why we have competitive equality.

: : : Still, the teams in the SGV and the IE cannot win a championship without CIF's help. Glendora would have been destroyed if Ribet Academy would have been left in Division 2A. Just look at how highly CIF thought of Glendora instead of giving them an easy opponent in the first round of the state playoffs they got Redondo Union and got manhandled.

: : : Back to Chino Hills let me ask this, has Chino Hills won a CIF Championship in any sport other than boys basketball? If Chino Hills has, I never heard of them winning a championship and that right there might be the issue at hand. Maybe Chino Hills doesn't have the talent to field a "competitive" basketball team. Maybe the kids that go to Chino Hills aren't basketball gifted or there isn't enough talent to compete with the recruiting juggernaut that is Etiwanda. Why try to match Etiwanda when you know that Etiwanda will always be the top team in the Inland Empire and that area? Why is that so important?

: : : Just face it some schools dominate in certain sports programs maybe softball has the talent to do well because they have the coaching and the athletes. I have a feeling that even if Chino Hills were to bring in the talent to be "competitive" in girls basketball they will not win anything because there will always be another school with better talent or better coaching.

: : The parents over the years have been very supportive of the current coach and his program. The parents have work bingo on Sundays and have held numerous fund raisers.The parents over the years have been told by the current coach that he would have the girls in some competitive out of state tournaments, not so each year in the Glendora and San Dimas tournaments for the past seven years.For the past seven years the coach has promise to install a new offense and have outside coaches come in for training, this has never happen.The parents are frustrated that there have been times that the girls have not been prepared for certain games, no game film on certain teams , no in game strategy or adjustments.The parents are tired of certain girls getting playing time based on what their parents did to raise money for the program instead of playing time based on the court performance. Parents are tired of the head coach and the assistant coach barking out entirely different instructions to the girls during games and practices. Parents are tired of hearing the coach state he's the best coach in the Baseline league and that he has numerous connections with college coaches to get the girls Div one scholarships. The bottom line it's not the parents it's the coach.

: Actually POS while I agree with some of what you said (for once) you said something about SGV and IE..
: Cajon in the IE just won 1AA championship I believe. Canyon springs lately also won? Santiago a few years back also.. SGV Glendora actually won their first round game in state and were slotted in as the 8 seed by basis of being the ďAĒ champion in 2A just like every other ďAĒ champion. I was at that game against RU and they were down 4 late in 3rdq. While they really didnít have a chance to win they also werenít man handled.
: Etiwanda has been a dissapointment in th IE as they have never won the big game as well as other programs such as north or king.
: Back to Chino Hills ó why they end up on this board every few weeks is odd to me. Is there one or two parents that canít stand the coach or another coach or what? I donít know him at all .. just curious

I don't know about the other posters if they like the coach or not but I certainly do not care for him. Hey some people think he's the greatest coach around and they are entitled to their opinion but in my opinion he's not CLOSE to being the best coach in the Baseline league like he proclaims and I think the only reason he keeps his job his because of nepotism, it certainly is not based on his body of work.

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