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Posted by h00pzdad on April 23, 2018 at 12:09:19:

In Reply to: Re: Congrats to 16U Cal Swish! posted by EYBL on April 23, 2018 at 10:49:42:

: : : : : Girls EYBL Cal Swish 16U win Silver Championship of Boo Williams Tournament in Hampton Virginia today!

: : : : Congrats to them! And with a young 17u year could be very promising for them.

: : : Yes that would be for 17th place, lost to North Tartan Platinum Bracket Champion by 27 (Swish was 1-2 in their bracket) - lets be real Southern California basketball is in very bad standings nationally. How could that possibly be promising for them?

: : : We sent two teams each from Storm, Swish, Sparks and WCP (8 teams) the only EYBL winner was a Silver U16, how is this considered good?

: : Yea, I was wondering how long before the hate started flyin'...
: : It's good because this was the first time these girls had played competitively together. Future is Bright...
: : It's good because if you look at all the results Cal Swish was placed in the "Pool of Death" with North Tartan a total powerhouse which won the entire tourney, Kentucky Premier which finished 2nd in the Gold Bracket, and All Ohio which lost by a single free throw to the Bronze Champ (Team Takeover).
: : It's good because there is a bright spot in an otherwise dismal showing by SoCal teams... Cal Swish 16U and that's who deserves our Congratulations.
: : OBTW, have a nice day!

: For what it's worth, I think WCP won the Bronze in 17U, but I agree, a disappointing weekend overall.

: I'm not familiar enough with the other teams to know which wins/losses are good/bad.

: Overall, while on the surface it was a disappointing showing by all the California teams, it is really hard to judge without context.

: And while not an excuse, Calfiornia State playoffs are so late, many of these kids are playing together for the first or second time. That should be eliminated next year.

: Traditionally, our teams do better in July.

: Would be interested in an honest, un-biased opinion from someone who went. And if you did, please let us know what team your daughter played on so we have an idea of where you are coming from.

I talked to some college coaches who attended, as well as some parents. Here's the scoop:

17U bracket:

Cal Stars - as expected, they were the best CA team, losing to a tough DFW team in the Gold championship game. Coaches were piled up to watch this team. The freshman from MD played well which was no surprise since she was far and away MD's best player last season.

WCP - stank it up in group. There are some very upset parents on this team who aren't happy with the unmanagable size of the bench, the minutes their kid is getting, and the "new" player not giving up the ball. They did win bronze but they needed to squeak out a close one over FL Essence in the semis to do it. Congratulations I guess, but expectations for this team were much much higher.

Cal Storm - better than expected, winning two games in group and losing in the semis in the gold bracket. The team looks good with the ball in the hands of the PG from Sierra Canyon who got good reviews, not so much in the hands of the Los Al guard who depends too much on righty iso drives.

Cal Sparks - beat only an awful NE team in group who later battled Swish for the bottom spot in the tournament. Won the first game in the silver bracket but lost in semis. The 8th grader looks to be in way over her head and some parents on the 16U team are upset that she leapfrogged over their kids.

Swish - a complete mess as expected, although there are some nice pieces. One of those is not the freshman from AZ who frequently airballed open shots and looked to be in over her head.

16U bracket:

Stars - won all their group games and was knocked out in semis by the North Tartan team who won the tournament and was amazing by all accounts.

WCP - got off to a great start but faded, losing their two games in the gold bracket due to some questionable guard decisions down the stretch. Reports of turmoil amongst players and parents with some jealous of the standout MD freshman who was clearly their best player.

Swish - lost two games in group but as has been reported previously this was easily the toughest group in the entire tournament. Beat Sparks in the silver semis and won the bracket. Guard heavy play with two high IQ point guards and lots of 3 point shooting. Post play was lacking at times but Swish was missing their starting center on Sunday and also the freshman center from MD who sat out the season due to a knee injury but could play later this summer.

Sparks - lost to a Suns team in group who looked terrible in bracket play. Lost to Swish in silver semis and were trailing by almost 20 in the first half but came back and forced a close game due to aggressive and physical defense.

Storm - lost two games by 5 points each, lost three more by 20+. Very difficult to watch. It's hard to make a case that the sophomore from RHP is elite when she struggles so much at this level. George probably should have kept the team at home as he was rumored to be considering.

So the takeway is this: EYBL has the best teams and best players from around the country and it's foolish to think that all the CA teams, or the SoCal teams, will dominate all the time. Some teams did well, others struggled, and there were only a couple embarrassments, which is the statistical deviation you would expect. While there are some other teams who dominate their region and consistently perform at a high level, this is not the norm.

Here's my rankings of the teams after the Boo Williams tournament:


1. Stars 4-2 gold bracket
2. Storm 3-2 gold bracket
3. Sparks 2-3 silver bracket
4. WCP 3-3 bronze bracket
5. Swish 1-4 bronze bracket


1. Stars 4-1 platinum bracket
2. Swish 4-2 silver bracket*
3. WCP 2-3 gold bracket*
4. Sparks 2-3 silver bracket*
5. Storm 0-5 bronze bracket

2, 3, and 4 are all debatable but I gave Swish the nod because their only two losses were to the platinum champ and the gold runner-up.

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