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Posted by h00pzdad on April 18, 2018 at 10:36:19:

In Reply to: Re: CA EYBL Top Teams at Boo Williams posted by (Respectfully) Disagree on April 18, 2018 at 08:48:04:

: : : : : : : Any predictions on who will be the top performing EYBL CA team at BOO WILLIAMS this weekend?

: : : : : : 1. Cal Stars
: : : : : : 2. WCP
: : : : : : 3. Cal Sparks
: : : : : : 4. Taurasi
: : : : : : 5. Swish

: : : : : : And of those, the only ones to make any noise will be Cal Stars and WCP.

: : : : : In the last couple of years, swish has struggled.

: : : : Swish has struggled, no doubt. Will be interesting to see how they do since they have not played yet this season and BOO is a tough tournament to start your season in. Still think theyre should be three teams down here instead of 4 due to lack of talent. Cal Stars gets the best of what the bay area has to offer.

: : : There only should be 2 EYBL teams in So Cal to go along with Cal Stars up North.

: : : And I would go with WCP and Swish based on the coaching.

: : : Quintero can coach, but he seems more interested in the Storm empire. Davis is a great coach; with only two teams he could do damage with top level talent.

: : : And then I would give one EYBL team to Nevada (Las Vegas) and one to Arizona.

: :
: : Based on as of late results, if two teams were going to be cut from California, Swish and Cal Sparks would be in trouble. Storm has a EYBL championship and WCP is 2 years removed from a great EYBL campaign.

: : Having a Nike team in Nevada or Arizona would be pointless. Per the NCAA rules, a travel team can have up to 3 players from geographically adjoining states. Giving those states an EYBL team would just mean that you would now have the NV and AZ teams coming to Cali to recruit because they don't have enough high end talent. Also, thinning out the 5 Nike teams to 3 still wouldn't solve anything. There are also 5 Adidas sponsored teams in the state (EBO, GBL, Peninsula Elite, JBS, & Fresno Lady Heat) that reduce the available talent as well.

: Respectfully disagree for the point of fun discussion.

: I agree Swish has been down. But I would argue that is due to them not recruiting the girls like the others do. Should they? Maybe. But Davis is an amazing coach, and if he had the talent, they would be competitive every year. Eliminating teams would basically force the talent there.

: I like the Cal Sparks guy, but don't they put good teams together or develop that many players. They are always athletic, but don't function well in half-court games, which many EYBL games turn into (much like NBA playoffs). As for Storm, since that team that won - with Higgins, Odom, etc. - they have not been competitive. So many people are down on Storm in general that they are not getting the top players. For both Sparks and Storm, you can argue they are a year away from competing (Sparks 16U is loaded, Taurasi is mainly sophomores).

: As for Nevada and Arizona - have you seen Arizona Select and the Las Vegas Bulldogs? They both sent several kids D1 last year. In the case of AZ Select, they sent Bickle to Baylor and Chavez to Oregon. No need to come to California for kids when there seems to be plenty of talent there.

: And the Adidas teams? I am not saying they are not good, but given a choice, people will pick Nike teams every day of the week. No one talks about the "Adidas Gauntlet", they only talk of the EYBL. I don't even think Adidas as a company has anyone overseeing it and I don't think they provide a lot of financial support. I didn't even know some of the teams you mentioned were part of the Gauntlet.

: And in a semi-unrelated issue, depending on what happens with the FBI investigation on the men's game and corruption, there probably won't even be an EYBL or anything involving a shoe company in a couple of years.

Good points. Russ at Swish and Brian at WCP are the best coaches on the HS club scene right now and which one you prefer probably depends on what style of basketball you like. Storm seems to be run more like a business the last few years and Sparks as you said is athletic but lacks skills and can't play the half court game.

I also agree about Adidas - no one chooses Adidas over Nike if they have the choice. No disrespect meant to those teams but that's a fact. If someone chooses to play for one of those teams then it's a choice that's made for financial reasons, or convenience, or keeping a girl with her friends or a coach she knows.

I doubt the EYBL will cease to exist. There's just too much demand for it or something similar. Worst case is a slap on the wrist and increased oversight for the league, although specific perpetrators might see prison time and of course all those problems are mostly on the boys side.

Also I have to disagree about the talent in AZ or NV. There are several top kids from AZ and NV who are playing for CA Nike teams and this will continue to be the case in the future. AZ Select specifically recruits heavily from CA. There are persistent rumors that Ben is unhappy with the kids coming up aside from a few that he currently has in the pipeline and he's thinking about making the jump to CA. It's not a coincidence that a Cali Select team has already been started. And this year's AZ Select 17U team is awful - look at the results from last weekend's WCP kickoff if you haven't already. Last year's AZ Select standout player Demetre who made All-CIF Open Division as a Freshman playing at Mater Dei left Select to go to Stars. And LV Bulldogs is similar to San Diego Waves or San Jose Cagers where they are tied to a local high school program.

As far as specific performance at Boo Williams you have to differentiate between 17U and 16U. My guess is it ends up something like this:

17U CA teams:
1. Stars
2. WCP
3. Storm
4. Sparks
5. Swish

16U CA teams:
1. Stars
2. WCP
3. Swish
4. Sparks
5. Storm

16U is interesting for a few reasons. First, Storm is awful this year by all accounts. That says a lot about where that club is going. Second, Swish is fielding a 16U team for the first time ever and Russ is said to be very pleased with some of his youngsters. A good run for this squad could change the local EYBL landscape since the last couple years have already seen players leave the two closest EYBL clubs Sparks and WCP for Swish. Third surprise is that WCP looks good despite moving up almost the entire 16U team from last year with the exception of Williams who went to Swish and Buggs who went to AZ Select.

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