Re: Is there enough room at the point for both? IDK

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Posted by Jordin Canada at UConn, Oregon, Stanford, etc. on March 27, 2018 at 10:01:53:

In Reply to: Re: Is there enough room at the point for both? IDK posted by They had eyes on March 27, 2018 at 08:31:18:

: : : : : : : : Right now, the only open Power 5 that would be an upgrade would be Virginia. Texas Tech and Missouri are both open and although both pay more than UCLA, it would be very hard to see her at either school.

: : : : : : : : Washington State is open but that's obviously out of the question.

: : : : : : : : How much would UCLA be willing to pay her to stay on? Right now, she's #6 in the Pac in salary so she's underpaid since the program is in the #3, #4 range.

: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : UCLA is at a crossroads.

: : : : : : : What exactly are their expectations for the women's basketball program?

: : : : : : : For the people saying "Will Close get fired?" - her contract is up. UCLA either needs to sign her to a new contract or go in another direction.

: : : : : : : While almost any school would be happy with reaching the Elite 8, there is still the feeling UCLA underachieved this season.

: : : : : : : The senior class, led by Canada and Billings, came to Westwood as the top recruiting class in the country. They left with no Pac 12 titles - regular season or tournament - a couple of Sweet Sixteens and an Elite 8 run. Again, most schools would love that. But is that enough for UCLA?

: : : : : : : Again, what are the expectations? Women's basketball is not a revenue sport (only football and men's basketball are), so is the Sweet 16 good enough? Especially when the players all graduate, represent the university well, and there are no scandals?

: : : : : : : Cori Close is a very nice person. She is an excellent role model. She is not a bad coach.

: : : : : : : But is she a GOOD coach?

: : : : : : : I think most "basketball" people would say probably not, at least in the sense of being able to develop players and "win" games from the sidelines with offensive/defensive schemes and in game decisions.

: : : : : : : Jordin Canada is a fantastic player. But an offense designed around watching her drive and making something happen is not going to work against top level competition (like yesterday).

: : : : : : : An easy comparable is Sabrina Ionescu. Same position, many of the same intangibles. Both are pure winners.

: : : : : : : But as much as Sabrina does for Oregon, they get major contributions every game from Hebert, Bando, etc. They run sets and motion that gets everyone involved rather then them waiting for her to either shoot or get them the ball.

: : : : : : : So, UCLA has a decision to make. Close is a "B" coach who is going to ask for "A" money. It was pointed out she is the sixth highest paid coach in the Pac 12. I'm guessing she is behind those from Stanford, ASU, Oregon, Oregon State and maybe Cal or Washington.

: : : : : : : Would you rather have those coaches or Close?

: : : : : : : You can argue she has more experience and success than Wynn at Washington, but I would still take Wynn. She runs better schemes, and after she gets some players up in Washington, I think they will be back in the thick of the Pac 12. They play hard and compete, but just don't have the horses.

: : : : : : : So what's the answer?

: : : : : : : I don't see UCLA giving her a 5 year contract for a bunch more money. Especially with what the roster looks like next year. They are losing a ton.

: : : : : : : If Close doesn't leave for another job (getting out after her best season and getting more money somewhere else), I could see a 3 year deal at a modest increase.

: : : : : : : Either way, I don't see it being an ugly breakup, at least not to the public, if that is where it ends up.

: : : : : : : But what UCLA does will give you a glimpse of its level of commitment and expectations of the women's basketball program.

: : : : : : I also think part of the problem is that Close has not shown herself as a leader. She's too passive. She's afraid to get in there and get into her girl's faces. She has no one on her staff to do that either. Right now, she's too comfortable with the assistants who have been with her all seven years. If she is retained at a slight raise (more than fair, especially since they're retaining that jerk Alford when he was eliminated in the First four), the assistant AD who will make the decision should also strongly recommend a staff shakeup. Mainly an associate head coach who a strong Xs and Os coach and also one who can shore up the Southern California recruiting. It is not a good sign when Osborne is listing Cal, Stanford and USC but not UCLA.

: : : : : : Close is, I believe, all the good things people say about her but I also think she needs to do some soul searching about her approach to coaching.

: : : : : :: Coach Close is aloof - and primarily let's Jenny Huth and assistants manage the recruiting activity. Not saying these are "bad" folks - it's just that you've burned your bridges with the local talent/club teams - and USC is now mending fences with the local talent. Even UC Santa Barbara, Pepperdine, UCI and LMU are getting more shots at local talent than UCLA.

: : : : : Why is this?

: : : : : Another problem is the (local) recruits, their parents and coaches have been watching the last four years. Go to UCLA and unless you're a superstar, you run the risk of either/or both:

: : : : : a) riding the bench (not going to name names, not polite)

: : : : : b) Not getting developed/improving through your coach's actions.

: : : : : Bottomline - you'd better be a self-starter, self-motivated player to go there - because the perception is that you're on your own.

: : : : : Osborne is a perfect example. Got this amazing talent in your own back yard - and you're scouting in Texas, back east and even Australia??? UCLA should've been all over Osborne - and maybe they tried...eventually, but I'm sure people around her advised her otherwise. This girl should've been your #1 target - that you pull all the stops out for? Osborne is also an excellent student and comes from a great (local) family.

: : : : : You go after Texas product Alexis Morris, she commits - and then Baylor's coach talks to her, and she promptly de-commits (I believe it was within days).

: : : : She plays for Windward, school of Jordin Canada. Nuff said.

: : : : She also plays for Cal Sparks and Kinnebrew does not like UCLA's coaching staff.

: : : : If Osborne has the grades, she goes to Stanford. end of discussion and completely understandable. If she considers USC over UCLA, that's not. They just signed Desiree Caldwell who is a similar point. They did sign Kiarra Jefferson from Sacramento who is ranked the #28 point guard by HG, as well as Top 30 guard Ahlana Smith from North Carolina. Also a post from Northern California, Shayley Harris who sounds like a project.

: : : : Northern California is more the hotbed of girls basketball stars than Socal for the time being but that's just a tougher sell. UCLA needs to keep the top SoCal girls home first but this coaching staff is not believed to be top rate by some and it's hurt them.

: : : Osborne switched to WCP this year. But still no mention of UCLA.

: : :: Why doesn't Kinnebrew and other club ball coaches not like UCLA? What happened?

: Kinnebrew tweeted before Canada committed to UCLA that he foresaw her leading her college team in the Final Four. This season is the closest they got and it's not hard to see she was wasted. Kinnebrew is a Trojan but he also was not happy with Cynthia Cooper Dyke.

: Close/Canada is a lot like Olivier/Blue. Remember Nikki Blue, the brilliant point guard who decommitted from UConn to come to Westwood and was similarly misused. That was UCLA's Triple Threat, Blue/Quinn/Willis.

: UCLA just has a weird history with womens basketball coaches. The school pretty much recruits itself, although Nikki Caldwell was an exception but the club community was just starting to buy in when she left. It's almost as if being nice and not causing waves can give you job stability. And dare I say it.....white.

:: Imagine Jordin under a coach that truly helped her develop even more.

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