Re: Game not improving?? Stuck in neutral??

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Posted by Yes and No on March 27, 2018 at 08:03:54:

In Reply to: Re: Game not improving?? Stuck in neutral?? posted by POS on March 26, 2018 at 22:13:27:

: : Popscout
: : Elevate Yo' Game
: : Travel Team Tryouts

: : Date: March 31, 2018
: : Location: Ribet Academy High School
: : Time 1-4pm
: : Ages: 7th grade and up

: : Game haven't improved in several years?? It's time to give us a try.

: :
: : Looking for players who are as passionate about the game as I am and are willing to put in the work to become great. Play in top tourneys against top travel teams or select the tourneys you feel we should compete in as a team, based on how we gel as a group. Seeking players/parents who may not be getting the looks they feel they deserve for whatever reason or just players/parents who may want a fresh start. Tryouts are open to all. Popscout will run all drills. Come get an idea of how I approach the game of basketball. No strings attached.

: : Drill Stations:
: : Footwork, Passing, Shooting, Dribbling, Defensive Principles

: : Competition:
: : one on one, three on three, five on five

: : Bring your game face and your A game.
: : Any questions, hit me.

: : Popscout
: :

: Another person looking to make money from the sweat and hard work of kids. Just sad how these club teams and coaches all want their slice of pie and run these kids into the ground. That's what we need another wannabe expert trying to make money while using kids and their parents to get rich. Oh I know everything comes with a price but you know for every dollar you give these coaches and club teams more than half will go into their pocket. Meanwhile, those big name tournaments and showcases that these club coaches and teams say they are paying to get into the kiss will play in the lower divisions and non-elite events while the parents keep shoveling money down a bottomless pit. The AAU system is broken and all about money this guy and others don't care about the kids or care if the kids get hurt under their watch. They will drop the kid and go after the next one and just keep chewing and spitting out kids with no regard for their health. Their only concern is if the kid parent's checks don't bounce. This person and others club coaches don't care if your game improves or if you go to college. For them it is show me the money.

This is a very cynical post to wake up to!

Unfortunately, much of it is 100%.

Much of AAU/Travel is broken, with a lot of these boutique-type team operators looking for cash.

I'm not saying Popscout is. His thread has now been hijacked about the evil of AAU/Travel.

The main problem is there is no regulation. Anyone can start a team, anyone can enter any tournament, play kids at wrong age, have kids play on multiple teams, etc. Other sports, such as volleyball and I believe softball, are regulated by regional bodies that try to keep everything on the up-and-up as possible.

You want to play in the top division? Your team needs to win. You move up and down based on winning and losing; not whether you are friends with the operator.

The big thing I would disagree with is the notion that these club operators are making tons of cash. They aren't. They may try, but unless you have access to a gym, and don't have insurance (which is hard to do if you have to rent a gym), the costs are just too great unless you have tons and tons of teams (like Storm).

I'm not saying you can't make some $$. Obviously you can or no one would do it.

But the idea that these coaches/operators are paying their mortgage of a small club is just not true.

Also, I feel bad for the kids/parents, who are sold a bill of goods by a lot of these teams (big and small) about how good they are and how they have to play for them. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Look around at different situations and pick the one that is best for you and your child. Talk to people who play there and talk to people who chose not to. What works for one doesn't work another.

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