Jordin Canada talent (X's and O's)

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Posted by Never did her homework on March 26, 2018 at 11:04:45:

In Reply to: Re: So? posted by final four on March 26, 2018 at 10:31:17:

: : : : : : : : why does number 25 on UCLA wear what looks like a diaper for shorts? kinda embarrassing

: : : : : : : Everyone knew that Close couldn't win two tough games back to back.

: : : : : : Those girls, Canada especially, really went down swinging. But they never got the running game going because MSU kept hitting those impossible shots. UCLA showed all season that they have no half court offense and in a game with no transitions, it was curtains early on. That and Close's bizarre decision to play zone and the team went 8-13 from 3.

: : : : : : McCowens made both Billings and Drummer look like little girls and obviously no coach told them to stop Vivians from going to her right.

: : : : : : Now the work begins for Close.

: : : : : Love how this college coach makes it to the elite 8 after middle of the season you all asking for her to get fired. Stick with high school and coming up with dumb Vegas odds.

: : : : She should have made it to the Final Four with that talent. No coaching does that to you every time.

: : : Every year someone has the "#1 class" according to some publication, but they don't make the Final Four every year.

: : : Would you rather she be a great X and O coach who can't recruit their way out of a paper bag?

: : : Walt's Dog

: : A great Xs and Os coach understands who to recruit to make the most out of their system. If you recruit athletes first and don't have a system and Xs and Os to take advantage of them, you have what Close had. Her first season with this class and UCLA didnt even make the tournament. They were NIT champions.

: : It's funny how even Close's groupies really can't defend her coaching.
: She did't have the talent to make the final four. They went as far as could. It was a good year.

:: IMO Cori Close never did her homework. With a talent like JC that comes around only once in a while, it's obvious that she did not build a SYSTEM around Jordin. Did she even pay attention to her games when she was at Windward?
Jordin was very successful at the prep level because of her immense skill and athleticism. She also played in a system that fed into her strengths. Windward always had a cast of three-point specialists. Smith, Surloff, Gipson. Even this week-end, you saw the spectacular guard play of Osborne. Drive in, collapse the defense - kick it out to (either) side, OR keep it, run the gap and take it to the hole.

Who did Jordin have to "kick" the ball to at Windward? The last minute addition of Dean, was a gambit, and you see that Dean, was a great 3-pt option against Miss St. But that's it? No other consistent 3-point option. So, a smart coach will take her out of the equation as much as possible - and force Canada and Billings to make one-on-one plays (or one-on 2/3) - and may the best player win. And that's what happened.

Billings was unwilling (or unable) to draw her defender out to her to take advantage with her speed on a drive back to the basket? Or was she just not told to do that by her coach? That's literally what the word "coach" means???

And, as the other poster said "What's with the ZONE???". These are basic concepts in basketball. So the poster hit it on the head. Recruiting without a system to build around your fantastic recruits - is not optimal. ALL you're left with is the heart, drive and athleticism of your Elite recruit. Sometimes that's enough - but that will win games...not a championship.

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