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Posted by POS on March 23, 2018 at 06:02:45:

In Reply to: Re: Just don't get it! posted by Okay if you say so on March 22, 2018 at 12:20:42:

: : : : : : : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : Now children behave yourselves. I am just sitting here marveling at all of you arguing and bickering about how there is talent in the lower levels and how you don't have to go to a powerhouse school to get recruited to a NCAA Division 1 program. Just a bunch of ignorant children trying to show off that you are smarter than everyone else and it is pure comedy. Most of you are like a dog chasing cars you keep trying to prove you can catch one but the cars like everything else in your life is way too fast for you. You want to prove the hater wrong and you don't see the whole picture or the point. To try and prove your point you throw out names of players from back when CIF had a glass ceiling not allowing schools below 1,250 student enrollment to go above Division 4AA so all of these really good schools were stuck down there with high division 1 talent. Oh and everyone hates the private school that recruits but that's all that you naysayers keep going to, to prove your point. Windward, Serra, Sierra Canyon and so on all were Division 4AA or lower and were defeating and playing with the likes of Long Beach Poly, Etiwanda, Corona Santiago and so on. It is easy to go back to the enrollment days and find talented kids playing in the lower divisions because that's how CIF had it set up. But the teams are no longer in enrollment based divisions anymore so naturally the cream will rise to the top. Plus, we have the Open Division and the first year CIF goes without the glass ceiling at 1,250 all of the schools that most everyone keeps mentioning were in the Open Division or Division 1AA almost immediately. So in my opinion, you can't use a private school from that era as a basis for your argument. However, one name comes to my mind in regards of a player that was on a Division 2 or lower school that went on to play at a major NCAA Division 1 school and that is Kayla Overbeck. She is at Vanderbilt. Another one was Chloe Wells from AB Miller, she went to Duke. I am sure there are others but those are two off the top of my head.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : Next, someone mentioning Maddie Dopplick since she went to Ribet Academy (a private school that recruits top talent). But, what you all are forgetting is that she actually started out at a Division 1AA school and left because her PARENTS wanted her to be a star so she left and went down to a Division 5AA school to whip on lesser competition. The funny part is, the school she left won a CIF Championship in Division 1AA the same year she won her title on a stacked team in Division 5AA whipping on rec ball teams with the exception of Orangewood Academy (a private school that recruits top talent from Central America and elsewhere). So, you can use Dopplick as an example of going to a lower division school and succeeding but the main thing is she was already a Division 1 talent before she stepped foot on a high school court. Just like 95% of the kids that go to a NCAA Division 1 program they are already a known commodity so it is no surprise that they eventually wind up at a Division 1 program. These talented kids could play for their local school or a school down in Division 4A and yes, they will elevate the program because the team is beating up on lesser competition. But when that one local high school with the one stud plays against a Division 1 school they get spanked by 40 and the star player is held in check because she is double teamed or is playing against a kid that is just as talented or more talented then she is.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : Case in point, Sunny Hills down in Division 3AA. Sunny Hills has one kid I think her name is Barrow. She is averaging 20 points a game. Well if you look at Sunny Hills they lost to Troy and Sonora in league. They lost one game close to both but were also blown out by 19 points by Sonora and 44 points by Troy. In the second Troy game Sunny Hills only scored 20 points as a team. Sunny Hills lost to JW North, Santa Margarita twice, Edison and Anaheim Canyon. So Sunny Hills has that one kid that is really good and will probably go Division 1 but against teams with similar or better talent she is exposed as just being an average player. Now if Barrow where at a school for example Troy or Sonora she might be the first option still or she would be the second or third option on those teams. Being on those Division 1 teams might give her more exposure and maybe even help elevate her game because she would be practicing against better competition and playing against better competition.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : Just look at the Julia Macabuhay at La Salle. She plays on a top club team and is going to a bottom of the barrel Division 1 school but she is going to that school for their academics and not because of basketball, let's get that straight. Which is great, I would much rather have a kid go for academic reasons to a low Division 1 school than to play basketball. But you can look at La Salle and that is a prime example as well. They play lesser competition and Macabuhay and La Salle look really good but put her in a game with kids that are just a talented as she is and she disappears into the background because she is the only option on La Salle. Put her on teams like her club ball team surrounded by other talented kids and she thrives because she is around other talented kids. I am willing to bet on her club team she wasn't the first, second or third option, maybe she was but my point is that she played on a top club team where there are other talented kids where there are other options. Let me repeat my point, there are other options, other talented kids. That is how she got recognized and why most people point to her because she plays on a team with kids that are going to major Division 1 schools or are being recruited by major Division 1 schools.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : You can sit here and say that is best for a "talented kid" instead of being the 3rd or 4th option on a Division 1 or Open Division team to go find a lower division team to go play at because she can be the star. Okay, fine. But let's look at something here. All of the top teams that were in the Open Division or are the top teams in the Southern Section, what do they all have in common? They usually have multiple players or options that you have to account for during a game. If you shutdown Charisma Osborne you better hope that Williams or Corona don't beat you or the shooters Windward has that will kill you with the 3. The same goes for Mater Dei, Etiwanda and West Torrance. The top teams have other options than just one player. That is why Redondo Union is so good because they play as a team and can beat you in multiple ways because they have more than one player/options that you have account for if you want to beat them. It has been that way for years.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : But you say that it is best if you are bench player to leave for greener pastures? I can give you examples where like Long Beach Poly two years ago and even in the past would have 5 or more Division 1 kids on their roster. Division 1 talent on the bench or would come off the bench and play. The same with Etiwanda with 7 Division 1 players on their roster all sharing the ball and doing their thing. Most of you, complain or harp about how it is not far that the private schools recruit or that Etiwanda or whoever recruit. Okay, go look at college ball. Look how many of the top teams have McDonald's All Americans on their roster, kids that are third or fourth option on a team stacked with talent. Look at UCONN women's team my gosh an all-star team. But most of you would say that Katie Lou Samuelson should have gone to UCLA because there she would have been the star. Yes she would have because she has the talent to do so. She could have stood alone and been the star but she would much rather be apart of a team. That is why usually talent brings in talent. Just look at the Golden State Warriors. They have 4-5 options but they are winning as a team because they are willing to put their egos and their feelings aside to win as a collective, win as a team. You can look at the teams with one stud player in the NBA and most of those teams are in the middle of the pack. They can hang and beat the Golden State's of the NBA but it usually takes that one stud player to play out of their minds or a second or third option to have a great game to beat a Golden State or a Cleveland.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : The main thing that is not being said on why these parents or people think that it is best to be the star and not the 4th or 5th option on a team is ego. A parent would much rather have their kid be a star to feed their ego. These parents love to brag about how Little Suzy scored 35 against the Little Sisterís of the Blind. Or how Little Suzyís club team won the 5th division at the West Coast Premier Fall Showcase. It is ego to say that your kid is succeeding or the best to make up for your poor existence or the fact that you were never good in sports. So as a parent you want to make sure you kid is a superstar so you can brag about how good she is to your co-workers and to other parents. Also, you will go to other parents with kids riding the bench on the Open Division school and tell them that how great your kid is doing down in the rec ball division scoring 20 a game and how their kid should join yours. But their kid would have to be second fiddle to your superstar because your Little Suzy needs to be the star. What is also great as a parent, is meanwhile down at this lesser high school is you are the big fish. Parents come to you and talk to you and make you feel good that you made the right choice because you are the star. You are the Lavar Ball of the school sitting in the front row or God forbid on the bench trying to dictate to the head coach to get your Little Suzy her 40 shots a game so she can score her 30 points.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : It is plain and simple making sure your kid is the star is only for your ego and not because it is what is best for you kid. You are the same parents or people that come on here and always talk trash about how it is not fair that private schools recruit or how it is not fair my Little Suzy has to play these programs full of talent because it exposes my Little Suzy and all of her flaws. Then you sit in the stands surrounded by other parents and talk trash about how the head coach canít coach and how you would have done this or that. Then on the car ride home berate Little Suzy because she embarrassed you in front of everyone.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : Donít worry there are parents with egos on the elite teams too. No matter where you go there is always that parent that will always try to make it about them and not their kids. They will go on here and trash the head coach about something petty like allowing the 5th option on the team a chance to shoot the ball rather than letting their superstar kid jack up some garbage shot with 3 kids in her face. Even better be in their clique of parents talking trash about other players on the team and then come on socalhoops and then tell people how dare you talk about kids that way or put a kid down.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : You can try to hide the fact or pretend that you donít or say that you are looking out for my kidís best interest. But it is your ego is more important than your kid. Just like the parent that goes around bragging about how their kid is at Mater Dei or their kidís team won the Division 5AAA Championship it is all about ego.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : Now that post comes from someone with an ego!

: : : : : : : : : : : : Wow! WTF was that rambling babble!? Seriously dude did you really spend the time write that load of crap! Did you get your feelings hurt because some poster wanted to know about other players that had great season too. Granted the original poster was most likely hoping somebody would mention his daughter but you made it something more than it was!

: : : : : : : : : : : : : Send your kids where you want to send them and where they want to go. If they are good enough, they will get to play college ball. More importantly, hopefully they will have fun along the way. Every kid is different and so is every family.

: : : : : : : : : : : You are butt hurt because POS has a point. Your freekin ego is the reason why you keep insisting that playing at lower level is better than a role player in D1. No one is buying your crap so let it go. You are wrong, your argument is fraud!

: : : : : : : : : : To telling everyone why Lon Beach Poly was better than Ribet. Lol

: : : : : : : : : All this arguing is crazy and unnecessary. Look at the facts:

: : : : : : : : : Fact #1 - Being on an Open or D1 team will NOT guarantee your kid a scholarship of any type. There are literally too many examples to name. Pick a couple schools and investigate what happened to their seniors. Many graduate without athletic scholarships.

: : : : : : : : : Fact #2 - Kids get athletic scholarships to D1 schools without being on Open or D1 teams. Look at all the names listed above and do your own research.

: : : : : : : : : Anyone who says that only players from Open or D1 schools get athletic scholarships is just wrong. And by the way, there are plenty of non-D1 schools that play against Open or D1 schools in their leagues. Here's three examples:

: : : : : : : : : Moore League (LA County) - LB Poly and Millikan are both D1 but the other 5 teams are all D3

: : : : : : : : : Trinity League (Orange County) - Mater Dei made the Open, Rosary and OLu are D1 but JSerra and Santa Margarita are D2

: : : : : : : : : Baseline League (Inland Empire) - Etiwanda made the Open, Los Osos and Upland and Chino Hills are D2, and Rancho Cucamonga and St Lucys are D3

: : : : : : : : : So a player at Santa Margarita, a team that went winless in league, or a player at Lakewood, a team that placed 3rd in league, can't really be accused of somehow dodging elite competition. Playoffs at best account for 7 or 8 games per year. A player on an elite club team will make that up in two weekends at a high profile viewing event.

: : : : : : : : : And the fact is: Club competition, especially at the higher levels, is much tougher than HS competition. The money and time involved with club eliminates players who are partially committed, or playing two sports, or just dodging PE. Every team has those kids, even those Open and D1 teams. Don't think so? At the Windward game last Saturday, how deep did Coach go into her bench? Every kid that touched the floor was a high level club player. Kids that would start at most high schools just sat on the bench and watched that game.

: : : : : : : : : Here's one last example: Diana Taurasi, widely considered the best women's basketball player to emerge from southern California in the last 20 years, went to tiny and unknown Don Lugo HS (otherwise famous for the Zendejas Brothers) and elevated that school to prominence.

: : : : : : : : Best post to date Hoopzdad. You may get attacked now. LOL

: : : : : : : All these so called great schools with recruited rosters are not the best of the best. I have more respect for a player that attends a school that's not highly recognized and she goes out and make a name for herself vs. chasing loaded rosters. Pure basketball fundamentals are lost due to blue chip players loading white school rosters. Fundamentals have become a lost art, due to schools recruitment. People of color love to have racial pride and discuss building our communities, but they allow these white schools to steal all our talent and give their gyms banners that should rightfully be hanging in gyms of our community. Good job to players @ Serra for committing to a school of color. Most people on this thread bragging about D1 high schools are only teaching their kids to sell out your community and give white schools your talents. These same schools really don't want you there and would never hire those kids to work there or your parents. The true talented kids are the ones that stay true to their community and get to college with their blackness in tact. Those are the real heroes no matter the division of play. Any girl with game will get to college no matter what division they play! Watch the sell outs try and rationalize why they put their kids in these white schools for white gyms to fill up with banners vs their own communities. Remember Winward was nothing until one player Jordan Canada made them relevant!

: : : : : : ^^^^^^^^^You don't Have to be White to be RACIST and you proved it buddy go stand front of Mater Dei

: : : : :
: : : : : What was that verse in that song???? Oh I got it, "how can you fight racism if you only like your own race..."

: : : : : You got no love, all you are doing is spreading hate. I really hope you are not a coach.

: : : : Not racist just stating facts. You don't see white players running to inner city, but you do see the burbs stealing our talent. Go figure! But go ahead and justify it. "You can't handle the truth"

: : : Letís be honest an education at say Harvard Westlake or Mater Dei is by far superior than say any LAUSD inner city school. Why wouldnít a parent send their child to those schools? The schools are safer, the academics are superior, the athletic facilities are top notch. Yeah youíre right those kids should stay in their local public schools.

: : It's the black athlete that built all you stated. LOl @ safe to date there has been no mass shootings on any black campuses and drugs are more prevalent on those white campuses too. If our athletes played at their true schools. You wouldn't hear a peep from these private schools. That my friend is the truth!

: Black students build those facilities? What the hell are you babbling about. Those schools were still excellent academic institutions before influx of ďblackĒ athletes and will be excellent schools even if when all those so ďblackĒ athletes stay in their local schools. What is certain is they will never get the academic opportunities they are afforded at say top private schools. That my friend is the truth!

I really like it when someone involves race as a basis for an argument. So all of these "white schools" are built on the backs of black athletes. Black athletes that are plucked from their black neighborhoods and taken to these private "white schools" all in the name of bettering these "white schools" meanwhile the black community schools suffer because the "best of the best" are all at these "white" private schools. Interesting view.

You mention Gardena Serra as being a school of color. What makes Serra a "school of color"? Is it because of the coaching staff? The school itself? The area? Just wondering your view so maybe I can better understand where you are coming from.

Last I checked Serra was a private school where kids have to pay tuition to go there. So couldn't you say the same thing about Serra? These kids are selling out their own neighborhoods to goto Serra. Shouldn't these kids have stayed in their neighborhoods like you are saying about the kids that are going to the "white" private schools? Oh but because it is what you call a "school of color" like Serra, it is okay? What's the difference between a kid from a black neighborhood going to a school like Windward than a kid going to Serra? Is there a difference besides just race?

What other high schools in Southern California would you consider "schools of color?" Fairfax? Fairfax is 48% Hispanic, 21% Asian and 17% Black. Long Beach Poly? Poly is 37% Hispanic, 25% Asian and 23% Black. Narbonne? Narbonne is 64% Hispanic and 19% Black. Carson? Carson is 55% Hispanic, 20% Asian and 17% Black. Dorsey? Dorsey is 52% Black and 46% Hispanic. You got one!! Compton? Compton is 83% Hispanic and 17% Black. Lynwood? Lynwood is 92% Hispanic and 8% Black. George Washington Prep? George Washington Prep is 51% Black and 49% Hispanic. You got two!! Crenshaw High School is 91% Black. You got three! Oh and before you go on saying that these numbers are made up, here is the website: I checked most of the private school enrollment and their students of ethnicity usually ranged from 30-38%. For the record Gardena Serra was 69% Black and has a students of ethnicity is 95%.

I really like how you point out how these parents that send their black kids to "white" schools are teaching their kids to sell out their community. Meanwhile, look at Sierra Canyon all of those NBA players sending their kids to a private school
excuse me a "white school." I wonder why NBA players would send their kids to a "white school" when in your eyes those kids should be in the inner city.

How about Lebron James and his friends deciding to go to a private school in Ohio. I guess Lebron James is a sell-out too then. Snoop Dog who grew up in Long Beach turned his back on Long Beach by moving out to Diamond Bar and sending his kids to private schools, excuse me "white schools." What does that tell you about the leaders of your community that grew up in the ghettos they all left and made sure their kids didn't have to go through what they did. Maybe that is what these families are doing for their kids now. Instead of sending their kids to their neighborhood schools they want to make sure that they get a good education and a chance to improve their lives.

I am willing to bet that if we were to track you down that you don't currently live anywhere near a "black" community or that you even went to a "black" school. If you have kids they didn't go to a "school of color" either. I am willing to bet that you are sell-out too.

Lastly, by saying that Jordan Canada is the reason why Windward is relevant now shows me how long you have followed high school girls basketball. Windward became relevant back in the early/mid 2000s. Hailey Runham and Erica Latimer where the first ones to put Windward on the map. Runham went to USC and Latimer went to UCLA. Know your history before you start spouting off about who made what school relevant.

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