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Posted by h00pzdad on March 22, 2018 at 12:18:36:

In Reply to: Three months in this FORUM posted by New to Forum on March 21, 2018 at 13:31:29:

: I'm new into this forum and in the three month I've spent time daily checking into the lay of the land here are my observations...

: : Ribet is despised
: : There are some uneducated and ignorant folks getting too much attention in here... i.e. Twitter
: : Coaches actually spend time here but must feel like they can't escape crazy parents in person nor in this forum
: : SS think too highly of themselves
: : People are too angry and bashing minors is tolerated
: : Baiting and Fishing

: But I'll continue to click and check in Can't escape it!!

Those are excellent observations. It really is like afternoon talk shows and reality TV up in here some days. But as to your points:

- It's not that Ribet is despised. But if you're a parent and you come on here and say how great your daughter's program is, prepare for the mud to start flying. Humility is a virtue and sometimes so is silence.

- There are uneducated and ignorant folks everywhere. But here they have a platform and a voice. Trolls are best left unfed.

- Coaches can't escape crazy parents anywhere, sad to say. It's just part of the job. Take a minute today and tell your coach how much you appreciate the work they do. If you do that often enough it's amazing the positive things that will happen for you.

- By SS do you mean Southern Section? Not sure I understand your point. We all know SS is the best. :-)

- Like your other point above, angry people somehow go hand in hand with ignorant people. And attacking minors is ignorant, no two ways about it.

- Baiting and fishing? Yes, there's more of that here than at the Santa Monica Pier.

Stay tuned, there's always something going on here.

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