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Posted by HoopsJunkie on March 21, 2018 at 07:44:59:

In Reply to: Re: Just don't get it! posted by Close but no cigar on March 20, 2018 at 13:56:19:

: : : : : : It makes no sense to respond to him. He actually thought Sierra Canyon was D1 when Kennedy and Chayenne were there! LOL. And he thought Rosary was always D1! LOL again. It is impossible to argue with someone who doesn't know basic facts about the scene. Good girls can go anywhere and get to a major school. When they go to a smaller high school, they elevate that school to a higher division over time.

: : : : : Hey knuckle head, the comparison here is top tier divisions vs Not. You're the only one that didn't get it, dang you are slow. That's why you are not Coaching in D1/Open caliber team, lol

: : : : Just to blow up your idiotic thought process most of the young ladies mentioned in several posts throughout this thread made their lower division high school good enough to elevate those teams to higher divisions over time. In case you weren't aware your division placement is based on how you finished the previous three years, so a top flight player might start out on a Division 3 team but after 2-3 years of winning see that team move up to Division 1 or even into the Open division.

: : : : I went and looked and there are at least two players listed up on the ESPN 100 from last year that went to Division 2 or lower schools and are at D1 colleges. Hell there is a Div 3 player from the Sacramento area that is going to UCLA next year.

: : : I think we are talking about CIF-SS here. You can't find one so you have to go searching up North, lol

: : Just found it easy to find a couple of top 100 girls on a list and saw they didn't play at power house upper division high schools.

: : But since you brought it up just from one division 2 school in the SS...

: : Kayla Washington - Cajon @ WA State
: : Darshae Burnside - Cajon @ Arkansas
: : Tyla Turner - Cajon @ LB State
: : Tyra Turner - Cajon @ Humboldt State
: : Taylor Goldsberry - Cajon @ CS San Bernardino

: : Not to mention that same coach has a player in the WNBA who when she played started out in D2 and then team got moved up to D1 for a year because she carried the team (obviously).

: : 3 minute internet search and I found 6 give me some real time and I bet I can find another 25-30 out of the Southern Section over the last 5-6 years.

: Cajon was D1 during those girls playing time. (-:

Actually they started out Div.2 for two years and got moved up after those girls dominated.

What you keep missing here is that because of the way that CIF now places teams in divisions based on their record over the previous 3 years, having good players MAKES your team a Div 1 team. So if like in Cajon's case you have a super group of young players, by the time they are Juniors they have been moved up to Div 1.

My statement remains that there are plenty of high major players that play at schools that aren't in the Open or Division 1.

But since you will try and argue about that here are some ladies that play Pac-12 and at schools in the SS backyard:
Hannah Johnson - UW - Alemany Div 3
Kat Wright - Arizona - Chaminade Div 4
Caila Hailey - Wash State - Serra Div 4
Lauren Fruto - CS Fullerton - Sunny Hills Div 2

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