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Posted by Not accurate on March 12, 2018 at 21:12:59:

In Reply to: Re: Granada Hills another example posted by POS on March 12, 2018 at 19:22:20:

: : Why are we still talking about Granada? Didn't chaminade take them out? Didnt Bishop Montgomery take them out? What's really going on here? Last time I checked Granada won 10 out of the last 12 National Academic Decathalons. The charter doesn't care about sports deemed"xtra curricular after school activities". So how is it that a public school with"mediocre"talent is playing tomorrow night while your daughters are at club practice? Doesn't make any sense. They take out 2 "top notch" open teams and still get no respect. I thought only D1 bound private school players had this luxury of playing so late in the season. Whether they win or lose tomorrow Granada has exceeded all expectations. Good luck girls and remember everything from here on out is icing on our cake.

: You are right kudos to Granada Hills. I have seen them play a few times this season and I wasn't impressed with them at all. The coach is a buffoon and just pisses and moans at the referees. He even got a technical in one of the games I watched. He is not a good coach. He yells and berates his players. To you that is good coaching.

: What I love about you City fans is that you fail to notice something rather glaring. The benefits of playing in the City Section. Besides Fairfax who gave Granada Hills a game? ECR? The Granada Hills coach has been able to coast pretty much since January and once in the playoffs only face one really good team in the City Section Open Division.

: Meanwhile, Chaminade and Bishop Montgomery and pretty much every school in the Southern Section Division 1 had to battle through hell in the playoffs and especially to get to a CIF Finals or to get through the Open Division. Also the Del Rey League and Mission League are probably the toughest leagues in Southern California. Both of these schools were banged up by the time the state playoffs started.

: Who is to blame? The Southern Section with this competitive equality plan. Just look at what happened to the Division 1 finalists both out in the first round. Both Chaminade and West Torrance haven't had a break or any easy game in 2-3 weeks. The only reason Alemany has advanced is because they got some time off to heal. The same goes for Serra too. The Southern Section has sent up themselves to fail in the state playoffs. Just look at the lower divisions and you will see that most of the top teams from the Southern Section have already lost because they are incomplete teams that were handed a CIF Championship or got to a semifinals in a watered down horrible division all in the name of equality.

: Meanwhile, all of the top teams in the Southern Section are at home all in the name of equality. But in the past if left in their original divisions would have mopped the floor with Redondo, Sunny Hills, Hueneme and anybody else left in the state playoffs. The Division 1 playoffs and the Open Division would have still been tough but the first couple rounds would have been easier and allow coaches to rest players.

: Granada Hills thus far in state has benefitted from the Southern Section and their "equality" idea. Granada Hills couldn't beat a team that was eliminated in the quarterfinals of Division 1. So right there, shows how lucky and how an average team with an average coach has benefitted from the Southern Section Competitive Equality.

^^ Sounds like a bunch of sorry excuses. What you are saying is not totally accurate. First off. there is a lot of "coasting" going on in the SS. Look at the Gold Coast League for instance, the only tough teams are Winward and sierra, otherwise it is teams like Brentwood, Crossroads, paraclete. They get blown out by 30 points. Secondly, most the good City teams have played a tough schedule outside of league play. GH and ECR played many of the top SS teams regularly. Third, City teams do not have the luxury of having multiple D1 athletes on their team because there is NO free private school tuition to entice the best players to come play for them. City teams play, coach and develop who they have. And last, so far the SS team I have seen on playoffs are full healthy squads.

To deny the hardwork that these city teams have put in is just stupid. The way you try to tear them down, makes you sound defensive and hurt. Like you were rejected some how or have some personal agenda against city.

Congrats to all the city teams that have gone far. Haters go to hate!

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