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Posted by city fan on March 12, 2018 at 10:44:47:

In Reply to: Re: Granada Hills another example posted by The Facts on March 12, 2018 at 10:17:13:

: : : : : Hmmmm. Granada Hills loses to Fairfax and everyone rips them. Then they beat Bishop Montgomery, a SS open team and the #1 seed and nobody says anything. Nothing like great job. Well coached team that gets the most out of their talent. A wonderful year. Keep it going. Just like Glendora's success. I am not a GH fan, just a fan of HS basketball in general. This again proves how many disgusting, evil people are on here trolling this site. Waiting to tear people down at the slightest hint of failure. This site does more damage than good.

: : : : : Obviously the people who love to destroy, especially teenage girls reputations or success are the profiles of mostly parents. Its so sad. Jealous parents that are angry and put basketball as a top priority, the only priority in their kids lives. They don't allow them to love other things, be well rounded and put education first. Its basketball 100 percent of the time. Go to club tournaments, yell at them, rip them, talk about it for hours after the game, and literally make basketball a job, instead of a game your daughter should enjoy. You scream at officials and blame everyone else when things go wrong, which makes your daughter always have a built in excuse. Your relationship with your child will be damaged years from now when they get older, burn out and can't handle the rigors of everyday life. Do you realize most of the people that give back to the game years later by being educators, getting their degree and coaching, are the ones with positive upbringing. The ones that put education first. That were ripped if they didn't get an A in the classroom. There is no money in women basketball. None. 1 out of 10,000 will make an average living playing oversees or pro. There is a lot of money in an education from basketball and a career somewhere outside of the field or full time teaching and coaching in the field.

: : : : : The second profile are those jealous coaches, mostly club that can't pass fingerprints to coach in high school or coach for the money in club. You know them. Life has meaning with the club wins. The ones whose ego is on the line from winning those important club games, not in the development of the kids. The ones who should be really enjoying watching player 10 or 11 to get better so they can go back to their high schools better, more confident players. The ones who actually don't care about winning as much as seeing a child smile and be more comfortable on the court. There are very few of you. You are the second profile of person to come here and tear down.

: : : : : There are a few high school coaches like this too. The one's who are not educators first. Who do it for wins instead of making sure the kids remember their experiences for the rest of your life. Yes you should want to win. Everyone does. But that should not be the priority.

: : : : : You three are the ones posting all of the negativity on here. If you are reading this and you post the crap on here, things are not positive in your life. Shame on you. You know one of the above profiles fits you. There is still time to change, to do something good for this sport. Try building people up, caring about others and wanting the best for everyone. Its a much better way to live.

: : :
: : : : : Congratulations to GH and all the other schools that are still in it. Sectional semifinals, how sweet. Good luck to all.

: : : : To the above poster. If you are a sensitive person then this site isn't for you. You can sometimes tell a discussion by the subject line, don't go in it if you will be offended.

: : : Agreed!! Rarely is anything positive said. Parents with no life hiding behind a keyboard waiting to attack. They'd never say the things they say in person. Yes, and congrats to GH and all the others!

: : Granada played a decent schedule. Glendora did not. Granada's Coach challenged his players. Glendora did not. Granada is still playing. Glendora is not. Granada Coach prepared his players to play the best and won. Glendora Coach didn't prepare his players to play the best and lost. Case closed.

: : Granada Hills is a good team. They played a tough schedule and it has paid off. They got lucky against Bishop Montgomery that #11 was hurt, that made a huge difference, but sometimes you need a little luck to get through. Their next game will be brutal. Ribet is a much different team than the one they beat Arizona. This Ribet has it's starting point guard and its 6'9 post player. We will see if they can pull another win off. But anyone who says that Granada isn't solid is an idiot. They are a loaded team, stacked with talent, and they are well coached....a consistent recipe for going this far in state.

Congrats to Granada hills and for those local travel teams where the girl play club basketball, it's great to see these kids doing well against top programs and don't hear about all the elite players from elite Nike and Adidas programs. Great job coaches!! and good luck on your next game Granada.

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