Re: Go D4 Sierra Pacific Girls Basketball! Take out crybaby Whinemeeee

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Posted by No worries on March 09, 2018 at 07:19:35:

In Reply to: Re: Go D4 Sierra Pacific Girls Basketball! Take out crybaby Whinemeeee posted by Coach on March 08, 2018 at 00:23:19:

: : : : : I give the players credit, yes they did well. There staff is what I have a major problem with, they knew better, but still played a player that THEY SHOULD have sat out, so of course the team was able to come together and gel well, because of this illegal advantage they capitalized on, and received a gentle slap on the wrist. So, for me they will have a *as Title Champs*** The adults should lead by example, this is high school sports we are talking about??

: : : : She sat all but one league game they didnít get her back until the first round of the playoffs ....... so if they helped like you said it didnít mean much because she missed like 11 games in the middle of the season they didnít just take wins From them she still had to sit out ....... I think people are confused about that ........ she sat out but she had to sit out in the middle of the season instead of the beginning

: : : This entire situation is sad. She came back to play in her local city school cause they couldn't afford the Private School anymore and she is made to sit out. This is terrible. She should've been allowed to play. Damn Adults making up rules to hurt kids. Terrible.

: She did play and thatís the problem! She didnít sit out athe Mandatory sit out period.Plus when hasnít a private school worked something out financially to keep top players? She was recruited away and that why the private school blew the whistle one them. Itís Sad for the schools who did things the right way to get screwed over by a team that cheated the system.

So the 11 forfeits isnít a good enough punishment for you ???? .... and the private school didnít have anything to do with ďblowing the whistleĒ sorry it was another league team so try again ....... the private school could careless that she left because she wasnít a factor on that team I guess she wasnít polished enough for them to play her

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