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Posted by Huh on March 09, 2018 at 06:56:58:

In Reply to: Re: Glendora @ Redondo posted by Reality on March 08, 2018 at 23:12:41:

: : : : : : : : So will the undefeated season continue or will they be exposed or are they just in the wrong division?

: : : : : : I have seen Glendora play a few times this season. They are exceptionally well-coached. Had a bit of luck in CIF in that I heard Downey played their worst half of their entire season in CIF championship and Village Christian played without a few top players who were injured. Still, Glendora won and deserve props for the perfect season because in the end, they beat two tough teams to win it.

: : : : : : I just don’t think they have the horses to stick with Redondo Union....even though I heard Redondo’ best player is done for the season.....Would be a remarkable win though.

: : : : : Glendora already making excuses. They've played no one any good this year and is the only reason they're undefeated. Can't tell if they're well coached cause they've played no good competition. Tired of the Coach or relative posting how good of Coach he is.

: : : : Who have they played, c'mon man! Redondo by 20+, only because the coach is a nice guy or else it could be uglier! Glendora is well coached? lol

: : : I've seen Glendora quite a few times this season. For some one to say they haven't played any good teams is kind funny. Are they an open team, of course not. Are they a good team, yes. Have they had some luck, yes. You can go 32-0 and not be a good team, with good coaching (they are always well prepared) and have some luck. I don't see why people are hating on them so bad. How many times does a team (that hasn't cheated) have a chance to go undefeated. I say, good luck Glendora.

: :
: : Coach Numemaker is a great coach. All he has done is win at every level. The fact that people are hating on him shows he’s doing something right. Go Glendora keep the streak alive

: What are you talking about. He has only been a head Coach for a couple years at Glendora. No other Head Coaching jobs. Either these earlier posts are coming from him or his best friend. Glendora has beaten no decent teams. He scheduled all these patsy teams so he could go undefeated. Quite a disservice to his players in not challenging them with scheduling some good D1 or D2 Teams. Kind of sad. But they will see on Saturday that they only won cause they only played weak teams. He could've put them in top notch tourneys but he put them in weak ones so he could win them. He could've scheduled some real tough non-league games, but he scheduled weak ones. We'll all see what a great Coach he is on Saturday when they play #1 Redondo. They would get killed by any D1 or the top D2A teams. He even lobbied to get Ribet removed from his division because he knew that his team couldn't beat them. Glendora D2A CIF Title has a blemish and asterisk by it cause of it.

So, I am not affiliated with Glendora at all, and I 100% agree that they played a super weak regular season schedule. But in CIF, they beat Village Christian and Downey, two teams withe plenty of wins over D1 teams. Per the earlier poster, supposedly Village Christian had a ton of injuries and I just looked at maxpreps and Downey only scored 12 points in the first half, WTF? Don't know if that was defense or just a horrible half, but Glendora still beat them. All three teams are still alive in state. Now, I have seen Redondo Union and Glendora both play live and I agree that it is a mismatch. IRedondo Union didn't have those injuries/transfers in the first half of the year, they could be open. Hell, they only lost to West by two. And they lost to Bishop Montgomery by 9 before transfers were eligible and best player was injured. So, if anything, I would make the argument that Redondo Union ain't a real D2 team, but Glendora is.

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