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Posted by Stats on March 07, 2018 at 08:15:16:

In Reply to: Re: League MVP Selection Process posted by Observer on March 06, 2018 at 16:11:32:

: : : : : : : : : Should the league MVP be the best player on the team that finished first or a true standout on a team that finished second or third? Lopsided leagues often have several "good" players on the best team while a truly "great" player may emerge on another team. Thoughts?

: : : : : : : : I vote for the best player on the best team unless there is truly a standout who is head and shoulders above everyone else. If that player is a little better then Co-MVP would be considered.
: : : : : : : Should come from the top team. And from a 4th place team.

: : : : : : I slways felt, as a coach, that the MVP was the best player on the best team, most of the time, because without her, they would not have won a league title. There were always exceptions. This is why I always promote leagues to give an MVP award and a Player of the Year award, that is based on stats. A player could win both, but having the two awards settles the argument that the girl on the league champion who averaged 10 points a game, but was the reason that team won every game deserves the MVP over a kid who averaged 20 points a game on the 3rd or 4th place team, took the most shots, but has the stats.

: : : : : The problem with the "best player on the best team" argument is that the players have no control over how good their teammates are. A great player can elevate her team but that still doesn't enable her to win or lose games at will.

: : : : : Also, what is the definition of "best team?" The team that places first in league? The team that goes the deepest in the playoffs? The team that plays in the toughest divison?

: : : : : Usually in most leagues there are a handful (fewer than 5) players who are legitimate MVP candidates. If all five are "equal" then you should consider the performance of the team to help make the final determination.

: : : : : The fact is this: MVP is a PLAYER award, not a team award, and it should be given accordingly.

: : : : I agree MVP is a PLAYER award, not a team award. Would the player in question have been most valuable if playing on the first place team? Probably, or you wouldn't be asking. If the player on the best team was truly the MVP, then there would be no doubt. There should only be one MVP.

: : : My take is it should come from the most valuable player in the team that won it all. Valuable player doesn't necessarily mean the one that scored the most. All factors should be considered, points, shooting percentage (in case of a ballhog), assist, rebounding and last but not least defensive performance. That's my take 90% of the time. The other 10% is selection of that MVP from Finals Runner up Team that basically carried her team to make it to the Final and just couldn't punch it though due to the obvious lack of other talents from her team.

: : : It's not enough that you made it to the finals and lost but is the highest scorer in that game if you made 20% of your shots. Your team probably lost because you took to many shots.

: : : Just my 2cents.

: :
: : If you are talking about choosing for high school, you almost can't even look at stats because in a void they are meaningless.

: : Who did they play? Scoring 30 against a bad team doesn't impress me as much as scoring 8-10 against a really good team. Same with rebounds, steals, blocks, etc.

: : Who took the stats? Isn't some player who is hurt? Or a manager who doesn't really know the game? Or maybe a parent? It's easy to inflate stats or even miss things like assists and steals if you don't know the rules as to what to credit them for.

: : Also, an average player on a bad team can look really, really good on paper when no one else on the team can score/rebound/defend. Someone has to, right?

: : In the end, the league coaches vote, right? My guess is, barring some personal bias one way or the other, they generally know who the POY is. They have played against everyone usually twice, and probably seen all the other teams in the league a couple other times. Like I said, they should know.

: :CIF playoff stats, not regular season stats.

The original topic was League MVP which has nothing to do with playoffs.

Even then, I would argue a girl scoring 6-10 points in Open/D1 is probably better than a girl scoring 15-20 in D3/D4.

My point was always that you cannot evaluate how good a player is just by stats - at any level.

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