Re: Go D4 Sierra Pacific Girls Basketball! Take out crybaby Whinemeeee

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Posted by Real story on March 05, 2018 at 13:06:13:

In Reply to: Re: Go D4 Sierra Pacific Girls Basketball! Take out crybaby Whinemeeee posted by No worries on March 05, 2018 at 12:15:04:

: : : : : I love it CIF way to even out the playing field! A D4 team in the D5 tournament. Talk about Karma. SO HAPPY! Go Sierra Pacific D4 all the way.

: : : : But isn’t that not fair under the crybaby D5 act section 124 line 17 and it’ states “if you’re gonna cry for one team that you feel is “outmatched” then said party should cry for all teams that fall under the act” ..... I myself would like to deal with only equal opportunity crybabies there for I know it’s not personal

: : : And for the record no one was cry except the people that was crying about Hueneme winning this season ..... just for the record

: : Each Section can put their teams into whatever playoff spots they're allocated. San Diego only gets a few spots so they first put their open teams in all the first 8 spots, then their Champions of the other divisions in the remaining spots along with runner ups if they have spots remaining. So you see Bonita Vista won D1 in San Diego, but is the #1 seed in D3 of State.

: No explanation needed even tho I appreciate it ...... like I said from the beginning of the post Hueneme can only play who CIF puts in front of them ...... they must deem it reasonable I would assume ...... unlike others I understand there is a bigger picture here and you’re only as good as your last years output

Last year, Hueneme was much improved due A talented couple of freshman(one in particular) and the transfer of another talented guard. The transfer sat out during the SOP, therefore they were aware of the sit out period requirement. Still, they won just two league games. So when this year’s brackets came out, they were placed in 5AAA. In the meantime, a significant player from Oaks Christian transferred there, making them very strong. For some reason, there coaches and AD failed to follow CIF policy and allowed her to play. A neighboring school’s administrators were made aware of this and, as a courtesy, informed them of the potential problem. So they self-reported. CIF decided to make her sit out the number of games she should have sat out. Hueneme added some games so she would be eligible for playoffs. Hueneme’s administration and coaches also leaked to the players and followers which school gave them the courtesy call. This school and their program have been blamed and called rats by Hueneme, if they had waited and reported to CIF or if someone else had reported them, there whole season would of been ruined.

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