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Posted by Common Sense on March 05, 2018 at 09:52:14:

In Reply to: Re: D2 Hoops posted by Comments on March 05, 2018 at 08:49:06:

: : : : : : : : It�s there a respectable d2 for girls to play hoops in Southern California? Heard not so many good things about the local d2 schools. Went with my daughter to visit the schools and they all seem to be basically an extension of high school, 13th grade. My friend is telling me to send my daughter to a d2 in northern Cali, said better comp, better academics and better coaching. Running out of time, thoughts?

: : : : : : : D2 is good in my opinion. Another thing to take into consideration, are u expecting your daughter to play in the WNBA or will she play 4 good years of college ball and get a college education and her bachelor�s degree in top of that, thanks to her b-ball talent. That�s what�s important.

: : : : : : Top D2 Schools are Azusa Pacific, San Diego, Pomona, Cal Baptist, Humboldt and Point Loma so most of the best D2 Schools are in Southern California. Whoever you get your info from you should stop taking any advice from them. They be loco. Just look at the D2 Rankings.

: : : : : Humboldt is D2, but it's about as far north in California as one can get. The question was about D2 schools in Southern California and which schools have good programs.

: : : : : Pomona (as in Pomona College) is NOT DII, it's DIII.

: : : : : I'm guessing the person meant Cal Poly Pomona, which is a DII program.

: : : : : A complete list of Division II schools in Southern California includes:

: : : : : Azusa Pacific
: : : : : Cal Baptist
: : : : : Cal Poly Pomona
: : : : : Cal State Dominguez Hills
: : : : : Cal State Los Angeles
: : : : : Cal State San Bernardino (they are provisionally DI now in men's hoops...not sure about women's)
: : : : : Concordia
: : : : : Point Loma Nazarene
: : : : : UC San Diego

: : : : : In Northern California, DII schools are:

: : : : : Academy of Art (San Francisco)
: : : : : Cal State East Bay (formerly Cal State Hayward)
: : : : : Chico State
: : : : : Cal State Monterey Bay
: : : : : Cal State San Marcos
: : : : : Cal State Stanislaus
: : : : : Dominican University (San Rafael)
: : : : : Fresno Pacific University
: : : : : Holy Names University
: : : : : Humboldt State
: : : : : Notre Dame de Namur (Belmont)
: : : : : San Francisco State
: : : : : Sonoma State

: : : : thanks for the feedback, really helpful. She's more off a D2 prospect than a D1. thanks, again. will look at all options.

: : : Hey, Mr. Know it All, the question was what were the best programs. Also, San Marcos isn't in Northern California.

: : You could also look NAIA - lots of scholarships there as well. Some prefer it to D2.

: If you are looking at D2, then education should be first priority.

: UCSD is the top school on this list, but they are moving to D1. So is Cal Baptist.

: Cal Poly Pomona is an excellent school, as is Point Loma.

: Concordia is good, as are San Marcos and Azuza.
: So is Cal State LA for certain majors.

: CSDH is a horrible school.

: One thing to remember with a lot of the D2 and almost all the NAIA is they are faith based, and require religious classes/chapel to various degrees.

: Of course, the coach at the school also has to want your daughter, so the choice may be made for you. Your original post seems to infer she is a 2018; so have her start contacting the coach at the ones she is interested in. They usually give partial scholarships for athletics, and they may be out of $$ already if that is a concern. Always can get academic/grants/loans too.

: Good luck!

If your kid hasn't been recruited by a D2 to play for them and they are in the 2018 class, it is time for a bit of a reality check.

D2s are no different than D1s in the aspect that recruited players will always get preference over a non-recruited player. Additionally, making the roster doesn't mean she will travel. D2s have a smaller budget than D1s and it's not uncommon for a player to be left behind so that the number of players in the hotel rooms balances out and to eliminate paying for a player who won't play.

Also, you're past the application submission deadline for most all schools. The only way you'll get into the school now is with the assistance of the coach, and since your child isn't a recruited player, he or she may not be as inclined to help you out.

Being honest, your best bet at this point is to contact any schools your kid is interested in attending and seeing if they have a summer camp, and if they allow graduating seniors to attend. If so, then you should attend all of the camps and have her spend a year at a JC if no school offers at the camp. It would be easier on your wallet than putting up all of the money for a year of school.

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