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Posted by No worries on March 04, 2018 at 22:15:42:

In Reply to: Re: Follow up posted by No worries on March 04, 2018 at 21:46:39:

: : : : : : : : : : : : : Iíve seen a few different people post on here about how itís not fair that Huenemeís team is playing in the 5AAA division and blah blah blah ... but is it fair to them that they have to play in a league (PVL) full of teams that are mostly 4A and 3A teams Hueneme is the only 5A team in the league and not just 5A .... they are 5AAA so for years they have been getting drummed and no one came to their defense with the ďits not fairĒ complains almost ever school in the league they are in is close to 3000 kids and up but again no one said that wasnít fair

: : : : : : : : : : : : : What is not fair is that they efing cheated and still get to be in the playoffs. CIF SS should grow a pair and not let cheating schools in the playoffs!!!

: : : : : : : : : : : ::I totally agree!!! It is bad enough that they didn't sit their transfer for the MANDATORY sit out period. What makes it worse is that she NEVER sat out! Did they have to forfeit the entire preseason? Yes, big deal. She was still able to play and gel with her teammates. So they forfeit preseason, but they are playing well together and win league bc she never sat out! How is that fair? MANDATORY? Maybe not.

: : : : : : : : : : : Worse than that is the way they play. I had a chance to see them for the first time in the CIF final, and they play dirty. Not even sure you could call that basketball. During timeouts, the coaches didn't even coach! Everybody stood around waiting for the horn! I don't know anybody on the team. My team has never played them, but I am not a fan!

: : : : : : : : : : ::As for the argument that they are a 5A team with all D4's and D5's...Hueneme's enrollment is 1,985 (according to In the playoffs, they played CMI (enrollment for grades 9-12 is about 400), Carngie (enrollment of 326 pk-12), Santa Clara (284 students), and Desert Christian (500 students K-12). Poor Hueneme...

: : : : : : : : : So letís get this straight CIF made them a 5AAA right ?? And even more recently the local league was redone and they where moved to a ďlesserĒ league leaving the PAcific view league to go to the Tri valley league ....... why is all this being done for such a juggernaut of a team ..... I donít work for the all mighty CIF but it would seem to me that they donít think very highly of Hueneme CIF wise or locally

: : : : : : : : The reality is that Hueneme had never won a 1st round playoff game in girls basketball until this year. So when you compare them to a team like Santa Clara who has a tiny enrollment but has appeared in 17 semifinals and has won 4 titles it sounds pretty whining. The new system will move them up for their one year of success, no worries.

: : : : : : : Thatís my point Hueneme can only play who CIF puts in front of them and for a very very long time Hueneme was not good so all this complaining and crying is ridiculous

: : : : : : Hueneme was bad for a long time. So bad that they were ranked low enough for 5AAA. The last couple of years, their coach began to build around a few good players. Then they got a transfer, and behold, they are a loaded team for a low division. Not their fault. They built it and will get to wear a RING. And in five years, no one will care what division it was in. They will just admire their banner. A lot of bad schools will be able to use this as a blueprint to a low division championship.

: : : : : BUILT IT? You mean the had to cheat to win? Lets stop talking about Hueneme being a lowly school that hadn't won in years, because then you are only promoting the cheating. New assistant coach and current coach brought in girls from other schools to win. They got caught playing a girl that transferred and DID NOT sit out, so CIF had them forfeit games when they really shouldnt have let them in the playoffs. They cheated to win and are now being rewarded for it and the teams they beat in the playoffs are the ones that suffer. Why are we not talking about the poor kids/teams that lost to Hueneme in the playoffs when Hueneme shouldnt be there? "Victory with Honor" CIF says, so??
: : : : : Again, another reason our society is falling apart. We are so willing to overlook the clear act of cheating to praise a program that did it the wrong way. They did not "build" anything. They took a short cut. No praise here

: : : : Wow! Someone mad a teenager got to participate. Wow! What a lowlife individual that person is. They forgot to fill out a form. Big deal. They've never won and finally got to. CIF is trying to give everyone a chance. Divisions are based on what you did the last two years with the last one being counted as twice as much. Everyone gets a chance isn't that what Rec Ball, Pro ball, College Ball and life all about? Stop crying. Enrollment makes no different. The team with the 5 best players win even in a School with only 5 girls.

: : : Again if people arenít gonna read I canít help you ...... the transfer sat out she sat out the entire league play and they forfeited 11 games so thatís not good enough .... and thatís was CIFís penalty for Hueneme because they came forth and told on themselves about the paperwork issue

: : LOVE how you dance around the cheating part. Hueneme was turned in by another school so nice try on the self report. And the RECRUITED kids to change schools and come to Hueneme. Another violation. Stop okaying the cheating

: Recruiting what kid ? If you are talking about the transfer she was leaving her school reguardless and she lives in Huenemeís area so thatís not recruiting she came back to her home school talke to Oaks Christian about recruiting because thatís where she was at smh

The state brackets just came out today and Hueneme is ranked 2 and the team thatís ranked 1 on the southern side is a division 4 team playing in the division 5 state playioffs is that fair ...... but what should Hueneme take a page out of yíall notebook and cry and complain or play who CIF puts in front of them ....... smh

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