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Posted by How to Beat Glendora on February 27, 2018 at 08:33:21:

In Reply to: Re: Glendora vs Downey posted by I See Dead People on February 27, 2018 at 08:30:20:

: : : : : : : : : : Should be a good game. Any predictions?

: : : : : : : : : It's just great to see both schools getting a chance to participate in a championship game. Both schools should be proud no matter who wins.
: : : : : : : : : Does anyone knows when is the game and where?

: : : : : : : : Here are the games and locations:
: : : : : : : : Open at CSULB
: : : : : : : : D1 at APU
: : : : : : : : D2AA at Colony HS
: : : : : : : : D2A at APU (WHY?)
: : : : : : : : D3AA at Colony HS
: : : : : : : : D3A at Colony HS
: : : : : : : : D4AA at APU (WHY?)
: : : : : : : : D4A at Godinez HS
: : : : : : : : D5AAA at Godinez HS
: : : : : : : : D5AA at Godinez HS
: : : : : : : : D5A at Colony HS

: : : : : : : Honestly, this should be an interesting game. Both teams have had a hell of a run to get here, but Downey's strength of schedule is twice and tough as Glendora's so if Downey wins, it'll come down to Strength of schedule. BUT Glendora has 4 kids averaging double figures so it'll be interesting to see Downey's plan of attack. Either way, best of luck to both teams!!

: : : : : : Too bad its going to be an all Glendora crowd. They are only like 15 minutes away from APU. Sucks that Downey will be playing a finals game at a Glendora home crowd. They should have put them at Colony or Gondinez to make it a fair drive for both teams.

: : : : : Game plan to beat Glendora. Play the top 4 players man to man and switch all screens. Put your big in the middle of the Key to stop all lobs, screen and rolls and drives to the basket. Let Glendora's non-double digit player shoot.

: : : : we go with the cries of its not fair. How come Glendora gets to play at APU that's not fair!! It should be neutral site. It is you idiot. So what if Glendora is closer. If the game was at the Pyramid, Cerritos College, Rio Hondo College then Downey would be closest but then the Downey people wouldn't be crying and I bet Glendora's fans wouldn't either. Looking back at the finals, there usually a team or two that are located near a venue. Its not CIF stacking the deck it just coincidence. I remember back in 2014 Millikan played Bonita at Azusa Pacific and Bonita is even closer to APU than Glendora. No complaints were heard from the Millikan faithful. Heck Orangewood Academy played at Godinez in Santa Ana too. Oh that's not fair either but no one from Ribet Academy was up in arms. Oh wait, its Ribet, they usually have something to whine about, nevermind.

: : : : Actually Glendora people should be upset because Downey shouldn't even be in this division. Downey is a Division 1 school with about 4,000 kids but because Downey is horrible in basketball and couldn't win a playoff game in Division 1 they get sent down to the minors to play Glendora a school with about 2,500 kids. Seems fair, right?

: : : : But everyone wants to complain about fake home court advantage, rather than the fact that a school that should be in Division 1 is playing down in a division against schools that don't have the enrollment to compete with Downey. But its all fair in competitive equality, right?

: : : : Just look at Warren down in Division I suck! They have no business being down in that division either but because they couldn't win a playoff game in Division 1 let's send Warren down to a division more suited for them. A rec ball division where the game will resemble a pick up game you would see at Apollo Park.

: : : : Just sad that CIF has ruined basketball by thinking everyone should have a chance to win a trophy. Championships are earned not given out like a prize in a cereal box. Any school that is below Division 2AA didn't have a tough road or went through hell to get to the finals. Everyone go look at Division 1. Plug in any schools from the lower divisions playing for a championship and tell me how far they all would have made in Division 1. I can answer that for you, FIRST ROUND LOSS!!

: : : Glendora has always been favored by CIF. Just watch on Friday, they'll get most of the calls.

: : Glendora has had the perfect season. 30-0. Am I right? WRONG!

: : Their schedule is a joke. Their league is a joke. They have had all the right things happen this year. They have won every coin flip for home games at the last 2 games and now they get to play at APU. Think about what would happen if they were still in the Baseline League. There's at least 6 losses.

: Don't forget how much the coach kisses up to the newspapers. Robledo and the others are loving this guy and give him so much positive press.

1. Handle the Press (they press all game. Hence the 4 girls averaging double figues)
2. Put lots of pressure on #15 and #14. They are not the best ball handlers and will turn the ball over with high intensity pressure.
3. Keep a defender on #34 (shooter) at all times. She is slow but can shoot it if you leave her open. And she will pull it from deep.
4. Let the post player shoot from outside the key and box her out.

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