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Posted by Me on February 13, 2018 at 19:52:26:

In Reply to: Re: KLS posted by BB Expert on February 13, 2018 at 17:17:19:

: : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : Is the TRUTH!

: : : : : : : Prepare for the know it's coming!

: : : : : : : That being said, I think she has transformed her game at UCONN.

: : : : : : : All that stuff about her game people complain about may have been true in high school, but she is very much a complete player now. Scores in a variety of ways, rebounds, plays defense, passes.

: : : : : : : Truly one of the best players in the country now!

: : : : : : She can't dribble, looks uncoordinated, not very agile, very mechanical, isn't very quick or fast, has to depend on other players to perform ie, screens, penetration, etc.

: : : : : Just because she has to depend on other players for screens and to penetrate doesn't mean that she's not a good player. KLS has defintley formed into a great and more complete player over the last 3 years, whether you like it or not. She's leading her team night in and night out. Also, her teammates set her up and trust her with the ball AND Geno runs a lot of plays for her and through her... that has to say something! Depsite her injuries over the last few seasons, the kid has really bounced back and proved herself. Good luck to KLS as she moves forward in her career!

: : : : The best GBaller from SoCal!

: : : It's pretty obvious to anyone with eyes that KLS is one of the best college players in the game right now. Not only does she play for the strongest women's program in the nation, but as someone else pointed out they run a lot of their offense for her and through her.

: : : "Can't dribble, looks uncoordinated, not very agile, very mechanical, isn't quick or fast, has to depend on other players to perform..." <= that's a joke, right? So, her points count less because she looks uncoordinated (to you) and uses her teammates wisely? Basketball isn't a one-on-one contest or a track meet. Take a look at the scoreboard and her stats and tell me she isn't helping her team.

: : : I really do wonder what is the basis for all this unfair criticism. It seems like it's not based on her game, since any parent would be proud if their own daughter played half as well as KLS. There must be something else about her that gets people so upset. If anyone figures it out, please let the rest of us know.

: : :: Look, I wasn't a huge KLS fan during her MD years. I didn't like the flopping - at all. I thought it was un-becoming of an ELITE basketball player. Admittedly, she HAS added dimension to her game (or rather Geno has). She went from a catch and (spot up) shooter - to a pretty mobile player who can fire off the dribble. KLS couldn't do much of a "spin move" posting up at MD. To say that she's not improved makes no sense. She also has enhanced her DEFENSE tremendously - something she was never known for. I think she's very much improved, playing at a very high level on THE elite WBB in the world - so, great work KLS. My hat's off to you. You matured, obviously worked very hard to grow your game - and we're proud of you!

: She has improved like everyone else does of course, but she is not the best player on her team.
I started this thread. I agree she in not the best player out of socal. I also agree she has grown and improved while at Uconn. She is even being mentioned as A possible POY in WCBB. Socal hoops fans don't vote Lol. She has matured. Some posters haven't.

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