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Posted by Coach on February 12, 2018 at 08:01:52:

In Reply to: Re: To City Section Seeding Staff Open Division posted by Coach on February 11, 2018 at 10:12:58:

: : : : : The 8 in no particular order

: : : : : Fairfax-The defending champ and Undefeated Western League Champion

: : : : : Granada-Either league champ alone or share the league championship with Ecr

: : : : : ECR- Only lost so far is to Granada, which isn't chopped liver.

: : : : : Narbonne- The 2-3 transfers have gotten them back into OPEN...

: : : : : Legacy- Although Coach Ronald like to be a BULLY and beat up on the weak, they belong in the OPEN. Legacy has been beating people by 60 points in league. Therefore, Coach RONALD shouldn't be allowed to rewarded and placed in DIVISION 1. It is time to play with the BIG GIRLS and not try to BEAT UP ON the little Div 1 teams.

: : : : :
: : : : : Eagle Rock-Undefeated league champ beating everyone by over 40 points...

: : : : : Westchester- 2nd place in Western League. Has been in Div 1 Finals last three year and won it twice. I know they lost about 6 or 7 seniors from last year, BUT Time to play with the BIG GIRLS...

: : : : : Carson- Teams that has about 3 transfers from CIF SS powers Winward and Brea. Looks like either Coach Perkins has been THROWING games to miss the OPEN DIVISION. Perhaps she can't coach too and Coach Twan was doing all the work the last few years. He has moved on to WLCC...

: : : : : Bubble team:

: : : : : Birmingham- They lost in the Div 1 Semifinals last year and aren't ready for OPEN. I see them and Venice meeting in the Div 1 Finals. A rematch of Div 1 Semifinal last year.

: : : : Iíve never replied back to these posts that some idiots write because I think itís sad how some grown ass people have nothing better to do with their grown ass lives then get on here and bash young girls who are just trying to play a fun sport during their HS career while a select few have hopes of getting to the next level. But if you have something to say to me donít hide anonymously behind a post! This is NICOLE at Carson...and NO Iím not throwing games. HS Basketball playoffs is NEVER that serious! If youíre speaking about our loss to King Drew, I didnít have 2 of my transfers and my other starting guard played about 1 minute due to a severe asthma attack. Yes I have 3 transfers....One played JV last year so she is still learning and growing, another was out for a month with a torn ligament in her ankle that she suffered against Fairfax and the other is doing her thing out there on the court and enjoying her senior year because she has already signed and received her full scholarship! So whoever is writing assumptions about me throwing games, sit your stupid ass down and worry about your own team! One more Twan has nothing to do with this conversation. He hasnít been affiliated with Carson in 2 years. And please donít reply back unless you letting me know who you are and why you have so much to say about me and my program!! I also have an email address if you have any further accusations you would like to

: :
: : : Coach Perkins I think you are doing a great job there. I remember Carson before you took over and they basically just bullied people and if the refs didn't call anything then they won.

: : : Since you have been there, I have seen how you implemented actual basketball theory and skills and your team has improved each year.

: : : Given that, and with the additions of Myrah and Janei, I certainly would not want to face your team in the playoffs.

: : : Good luck in the playoffs and keep doing what you are doing. Haters going to hate. Especially on this board. LOL

: : :: Congrats on a great job Coach Perkins. I also wish these idiots would stop the stupidity with the "THROWING GAMES" accusations. NO coach (nor team) throws games. These girls want to win - and it's only us adults who are sitting out here speculating that there's some grand, master-evil plan to throw games to avoid the open, etc. I too was an (All-city) athlete in high school and my daughter is an elite D1 prospect who is doing very well on a full ride scholarship. WE DON'T THROW GAMES!. We (like most competitors) truly believe that we can be the best - and that includes playing with the BEST. Stop it - please. Coach Perkins called you out on your BS - so go back where you came from and knock it off!

: Coach Perkins please don't respond to these posters because they're fools and if you have to then, don't do it especially in the way that you did because it's unprofessional. Coaches and School Employees shouldn't lower themselves to the low level of these posters because they could use it against you by contacting your employer.

You know what...youíre right! That IS unprofessional and very much out of my character to reply to stupidity. This whole womenís forum is unprofessional 80% of the time. I just hate accusations that are so far from the truth. But thanks to everyone for the positive feedback and good luck to all teams in the playoffs.

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