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Posted by joke on February 09, 2018 at 10:02:21:

In Reply to: Re: Chino Hills down fall posted by Knowing One on February 08, 2018 at 22:18:35:

: : : : : : : It use to be Chino Hills would only get a beat down by Etiwanda now they lose to Los Osos and Upland. The principal and Ad at Chino Hills clearly have demonstrated that they don't care about girls basketball at Chino Hills by allowing Stan Stewart to run the program into the ground year after year. I don't know what Coach Stan is holding over the administration or if he's related to someone but he gets to come back each year to coach and it can't be based on his coaching abilities or job performance. Mrs. Brennes the principal states that Coach Stewart is the only person that ever applies for the coaching position each year at Chino Hills I find that hard to believe.

: : : : : : It is a damn shame that Lavar Ball didn't have a daughter so he could be the coach and turn Chino Hills girls basketball around like he did on the boys side. Could you imagine what a little, spoiled bitch this daughter would have been. She would be averaging 42 a game meanwhile the team would be averaging 46 a game. Taking 80 shots to get her 42 points. But as long as Chino Hills is winning no one would bitch except the parents but then Lavar would cuss them out and belittle them so they would stay quiet and ride his coattails.

: : : : : Every year ripping the coach at Chino Hills. Enough. They are in a brutal league. he is doing fine. Runs a first class program. Obviously you have a personal vendetta against this guy. Nobody on here listens to you and obviously the school and AD don't agree with you. Im sorry you are this angry as it must kill you he keeps doing well. Get a life

: : : : I don't know what kind of illusionary drugs coach is giving you but you need to get off of them.The league is not brutal and the program is not first class, great kids but a buster for a coach. I've attended all the home games don't seem to see the principal or the Ad at any of the girls game. Guess what opinions are like ass holes everyone has one and your entitled to yours. I still think the coach needs to go if the girls are ever going to have a chance to compete in the brutal baseline league . Dear poster I think Stan is a very likable man and I speak to him often but he still cannot coach.

: : : You're right, the principal and AD do not care about girls basketball; but no one cares about girls basketball except the parents of girls basketball players. Most times schools don't even open the other side of the bleachers. They don't need to. Give coach a break. He cares more than you think and you care more than you need to.

: : If Stan really cares he would step away from the program and let someone else coach the team.Eight years has been more than enough time to have a viable program.Poster Chino Hills is a great school and they have great girls sports teams in soccer, volley ball, softball and various other sports and they all due well in the supposely brutal baseline league. Poster I was at Chino Hills yesterday for National Signing Day and I was very proud of all the students that have signed to play sports at their perspective college. Poster don't you think the girls basketball players also deserve a chance in one day participating in National Signing Day? Poster it's not about you or me it's about the girls they deserve to be properly coached and given the same opportunity the other student athletes at Chino High School gets. Poster Stan is a nice guy but his basketball coaching is sub-par it's time for a change.

: BS if a player is good enough to get a Scholarship then they'll get one. High School makes no difference. Kids are seen in Travel Ball now not in High School. Yes, College Coaches will go see how they perform with their High School but they're only there because of seeing them in Travel Ball usually unless the High School program has turned out other players year after year.

Poster I'm so sorry your right. Colleges coaches get all the kids out of travel ball , high school basketball doesn't matter. Poster and your right about coach Stan he runs a great program and I was blind to not see he is the best coach in the IE and baseline league. I think coach Stan will be a run away winner of Coach of the year. Poster I would also like to thank you for being so informative about how kids get scholarships it's nice to see your in the know.

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