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Posted by Comments on February 06, 2018 at 22:16:39:

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: : : I have enjoyed the "High School vs. Club" and "What parents should be doing this summer" threads. I wonder if those in the know might offer some advice to a dad who has a 10 year old daughter who has developed a love of the game in just a year and a half of rec league ball.
: : : I'm an older dad and things have changed a ton since I played the game. I don't know the scene in southern Cal, but I'm reading this board trying to soak up some knowledge. I've seen excellent and varied opinions for girls who are exceptional at the high school level.

: : : What should a dad be doing for a daughter who's among the best in her rec league, but hasn't really seen real competition? Where should I be looking for additional opportunities?

: :
: : A big question is where do you live and how are you willing to travel?

: : After that, I would tell you to take all the suggestions you are going to get here and try out as many of them as you can. Look for fit with the team, the coach, and your fit with the other parents. You will be spending a lot of time with them!

: : Lastly, make sure she is having fun! Yes, you want her to get better and play good competition, but if she isn't having fun, especially at that age, she won't want to play anymore!

: : Good luck!

: Priority for us is absolutely fun. She enjoys the game and definitely has a "basketball jones" (old timer term). Her rec league finishes in a couple weeks, so I'm just trying to figure out how to get her on a court for more fun. Not pushing her, but rather facilitating her desire. We're in the Studio City area. I'd welcome any advice.

There are three main clubs that are based in the Valley.

So Cal Shooters - solid program, good coaching. Skill oriented and plays in the better tourneys along with some local ones and they host their own. Currently only has youth teams. Cost is about average with others. Practices are in Sherman Oaks.

TVT Elite - in reality the longest running club, as it used to be Lights out. In fact, both So Cal Shooters and R2H organizers both started here. Have teams from youth to high school. Many of their current/former players are some of the top high school players in the valley this year. Coaches are from Crossroads, Harvard Westlake and Buckley. Strong middle school teams and they play in same tourneys as Shooters and also host their own. Cost is average, practices are at Birmingham and Harvard Westlake.

R2H - newest of the three. Have strong younger teams, but middle school teams not as good as the others. Youth through high school teams. Most of their kids come from Balboa park originally. Play in mostly local tourneys, and sometimes in lower divisions of stronger ones. Most family oriented (parties, get togethers). Cost is average. Practices are all over - Reseda HS, some park gyms, and outside at Balboa Park.

From my observations and discussions with people who have played with some or all of them (yes it happens!), here are some thoughts. Best skills training - Shooters. Best coaching overall in program - TVT. Most fun - R2H. That being said, TVT is probably the best balance of everything. Good training, good coaching, good competition,
while still having fun.

All that being said - try them all out and see what you like and where your daughter and you fit in the best. And remember - if you try one and don't like it - you can easily go to another one.

Good luck!

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