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Posted by Viewing Tourneys on February 06, 2018 at 12:03:56:

In Reply to: Re: High School vs Club posted by Went through this already on February 06, 2018 at 11:27:31:

: : : : : So I hear it from both sides...HIGH SCHOOL COACH VS CLUB COACH Which is more beneficial to an athlete in getting exposure, development, offers? Granted the grades are good.

: : : : Depends on the coach, but in my experience and opinion very few high school coaches are instrumental in getting exposure for your athlete. Most club coaches' goal is to get exposure for your athlete. In club ball, your athlete will participate in exposure tournaments where college coaches will come and watch. As a parent you have to do a lot of the work to get your athlete noticed. Your athlete should send lots of emails and video to coaches inviting them to come and watch them play live. Also consider participating in the camps offered by the colleges.

: : : Club is far better competition. Be careful which organization you choose - some won't teach your daughter anything and they won't get her much exposure either. Look for a good fit with the coach and the other players. Also look for how many viewing tournaments the team will play in - some teams play none or one, others play five or six. These are the only tournaments in which D1 coaches can watch club teams play so you want to see a good number of viewing tournaments on the schedule.

: : : You should still try to have your daughter work out and play with her high school as often as possible in the off-season but if there is a conflict you should have her play with her club team since the competition will be better. Spring/Summer/Fall leagues are usually a time for coaches to try new things and bring up kids from the JV team. That won't be enough to challenge a good player and also won't do anything to draw the attention of college coaches.

: : : Definitely have your daughter reach out to schools she is interested in and ask them to come out and watch her play. Send video too if you can. High School coaches are not going to do this for you no matter what they tell you.

: : : College elite camps are also very good for getting your daughter some face time with the coaching staff. Pick and choose wisely since you will only be able to attend a limited number of camps. Go to the camps at schools where you think there is mutual interest.

: : As a high school coach, I want my players definitely playing club during the Spring and summer. Although I feel the better coaching is at the high school level, it is the competition in the club practices that cannot usually be recreated in high school practices that makes the players get better. At a club practice, the players are overall, more talented, don't know each other, and are more likely to go harder and push each other because they are practicing for playing time. Players cannot take a practice off. Also, since there is less structure because there are fewer practices, players develop offensive skills at the club practices. When the club coach is good, then the players really develop. Also, as a high school coach, I just want my players to hear a different voice.

: Club beyond a doubt. My daughter had six offers, all came
: from club ball and attending college camps. Furthermore, the club coach called the college coaches before the camps so they were ready for my daughter (for those coaches who hadnít seen her in Club). That being said, there are not that many club coaches who can pick up the phone and get D1 coaches on the line, so pick your club carefully. If your daughter can play in the EYBL, that is the best route by far, even in times like last year when all 4 SoCal teams were down. However, if she canít play for the ďtopĒ team in an EYBL program, she is likely better off playing for the top team in a second tier (though still well respected) program like GBL or Wiggins Waves.

Agree that club is better than high school when it comes to exposure.

But just playing in the big viewing tourneys won't be enough.

If you are on court 52, no one will see her play. You really need to play in the top division, or at worst, the second division as the games will be closer to the "main" court where all the coaches hang out for the "stars". Also, if you are in a low division, even if you get them to come, the competition is not good enough for them to evaluate your daughter.

Choose your team wisely and good luck!

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