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Posted by Strange Post on February 04, 2018 at 12:52:09:

In Reply to: Re: Please respect the game posted by St Monica Coach on February 02, 2018 at 10:39:04:

: : : : : : : : Coaches please respect the game. When your team is far superior its the game to play your reserves a lot and win because your starters can develop bad habits playing against inferior opponents. Please show a little respect by greeting the visiting team when they arrive and inform them where the bathrooms are, their team bench, snack stand, ice for possible injuries and actually act like you are hosting human beings.
: : : : : : : : To a very few refs who are collecting a check. Learn the rules. We had a referee tonight who told our home scorekeeper she wasn't the official book and took the word of the visiting team for our girl who had four fouls. Same referee said we had a player in the book who wasn't in uniform. Player actually had a shirt over her uniform. Yet the opposing team refused to provide first and last names for the book and referee said that was ok. Our player gets knocked down in full view of the ref and is ignored because there was a minute left and score was lopsided. If this happened in the classroom there would be major problems. Also, I don't get paid at my job until two weeks but yet a very few refs get mad if their check isn't ready and call hardly any calls against opponent because they apparently are mad they haven't been paid yet.
: : : : : : : : There are many great referees doing great work and who care. They don't actually role their eyes for timeout with a few seconds left when you are trying to run one play as a learnable moment. We value the work of referees except in a very few cases where it appears the game is not being called fair. We were getting hit, shoved and pushed, called a time out and our captains asked the referees to please respect the game and call it fair, One ref did a great job, the other one didn't follow NFHS rules because they didn't listen in ref class or don't care or both. Another life lesson to our players who have had too many.
: : : : : : : : For those who respect the game the right way thank you. For those who don't you are making a negative impact on our youth. So please show respect. Thank you.

: : : : : : : You should have stopped with your first paragraph. Respect the game part. Once you started complaining about refs you really lost credibility on your first part. You probably lost the game cause thatís the only time you complain. I actually stopped reading your post in the middle of it. Great post if you would have stopped while you were ahead. Peace.

: : : : : : The original post is great and valid . Too many coaches run up the score on league opponents,

: : : : : Good thing Amat coach didn't read this post. What a class act. Pressing St Monica up by 40 in 4th. No wonder she was canned last year at BM

: : : : People are able to voice their opinion and that's great. If the person had kept reading the original post they would have read...many great refs. We have great professional relationships with referees because we respect them and they respect us. However, when players complain about regularly being held, bumped, sworn at, scratched that is not sportsmanlike and things that wouldn't be tolerated in the classroom should not be tolerated in the gym. A comment like it's a life lesson, we have enough of those. We would rather focus our life lessons on positive volunteer projects that help people and do projects that get other people involved in helping people, that's a better life lesson we like to focus on. Part of the problem with things that are unfair by a very, very few referees who don't follow the rules are players lose interest in the game. Yes we lost that game by a lot because we were told the other team wasn't that talented, thought it would be a good competitive game win or lose, and they were way better than us. We have applauded referees many times for their great work when we have lost by a little or a lot. We value the great work done by referees. When someone doesn't follow the rules and refuses to talk to captains or coach in a calm manner during the timeout then obviously that is not fair to the players. There is a saying your children may not listen to you although they watch your actions. So everyone remember you are being watched by our future.

: : : I am the St. Monica Coach, I was in the stands last night watching our game against Amat (I have been on medical leave since early December due to back surgery and have not coached since then). While it was very hard for me to watch my team be humiliated with the antics, it did teach my team a few valuable lessons. The first one is it's just as important to win with class as it is to lose with class. If the tables were turned and I was up 20-0 in the first quarter, personally I would have called off the press. I've been coaching 30 years and see no value in demoralizing my opponent,especially at this level, but I fully understand not everyone shares that opinion and that's ok. I also understand being the undefeated league champion last year has put a target on our backs. We get everyone's A game, no cares we are in a rebuilding season, it's blood in the water time surrounded by hungry sharks. I get that too. Secondly, my team learned there's no shame in getting knocked down, shame only enters the picture when you are capable but refuse to get back up. Rest assured, we will get back up and keep getting up no matter what. Don't be too hard on the Amat coach, she's young and still evolving in her style and beliefs systems. Make no mistake though, it's on for next year.....

: : I hate the games that I know we are going to win by 50, but I have a philosophy. I refuse to let my kids play slow, not aggressive, and I will let them run....for a while. First quarter, we will press and try to get a big lead while playing everyone on my bench. Second quarter, we will play our regular half court defense and will run on steals or rebounds while I again, play everyone. Third quarter, we will play zone, but only fast break steals at the top of the key, any thing below the arc will be a slow down and set up...I now am playing mostly only bench. The goal is to get to the running clock in the fourth. Then in the fourth, half zone, half court only offense all bench. I don't patronize the other team because they aren't strong, but we will never put up 100 points. At the same time, I am not going to sacrifice my team's style of play, learning experience, nor am I going to prevent my bench players who work hard all year from having a chance to score points.

: That's the way it should be. You never ask or want your kids to play soft or take it easy. There are ways whereby us coaches can control the game without purposely embarrassing your opponent. I might be in the minority thinking is but so be it. The whole point was pressing in the 4th quarter with a 40 point lead isn't teaching either team a single thing.

Post on Referees was better explained with some thought. I just thought the first post was to emotional and personal. Agree with the second post. Regarding the running up the score, I think we all been on both sides. Believe me itís all on the coaches with their egos and pety ways. I just like to slow the game down and keep a nice 20 to 30 point lead because in high school basketball things can turn in a second 20 pts can turn to 11 pts in a min even in the 4th qtr. Iíve seen it happen. Pressing is a bit much with a 40 point lead in the 4th. Peace to all and good luck in playoffs.

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