Re: What the heck happened to Dominguez vs. Ghar game

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Posted by neutralman on January 12, 2018 at 21:44:08:

In Reply to: Re: What the heck happened to Dominguez vs. Ghar game posted by BUT!!!! on January 12, 2018 at 11:28:09:

: : : : : : : What happened?

: : : : : : : Illegal transfers?

: : : : : : Illegal how?? Because they didn't sit out 30 days??

: : : : : If dominguez would have had there players playing they beat Gahr by 25+ easy. Im pretty sure I know who blew the horn becasue they do it every year when they feel threathen and wont play agasint the best. they did it 10 years ago and ive recently heard they have started again the last 3 years. The best should not be afraid to play the best. ive been around basketball for 30 years and to hear this going on in the city of compton is not right. they did eveyrthing the legal way and have proved it. ive been a fan and alumni. trust the process they will be back. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

: : : : Not sure how you can have an illegal transfer now that players can leave for athletic reasons. Either they played them before the SOP or they are academically ineligible which by all rights shouldn't be playing at all. Get your education. Most players will not be playing at the next level anyways. Start preparing for the real world. It's only a game.

: : : I agree with that statement. why have a rule that lets players transfer for athletic reasons then come around and have another rule that will stop them from doing that.

: : Yes, but undue influence is still against the rules. Undue influence = recruiting

: so then why have the rule that a player can leave for sports. most of us good coaches know that there are man kids who tranfer to follow a coach or teammates. they go to were they will be seen and noticed. they go to were it will be a better fit for them and most important they go were they know a coach can help get them into a good college to play at the next level. most coaches now a days care about their wins and their coaching record and when it comes down to it they will ruin a kids future or few years of basketball out of hate or anger because they left and didnt want to stay and play for the coachn anymore. but the great coaches will understand that you win some and lose and players will leave and come but the ultimate WIN is a PLAYER/PLAYERS signing that SCHOLARSHIP.

first let me say what I've been saying for a month Dominguez is much improved but can't beat Lynwood or Downey Lynwood is just too big & too fast and Downey is just too fast with alot of shooters. Now lets get to the BS that was pushed on Dominguez all they players have been cleared who all played tonight they were fully investigated and no wrong doing was found. Downey Head Coach Nate Harris & staff are snakes of the wost kind known for protest late in the season and this one was truely fraudulent i pray that Cif keeps record of his antics because he is one who don't care about the kids its sad that Dominguez had to suffer a lost to gahr(game should be replayed) but, u can tell they were over emotional tonight hell the girls had just found out they were cleared 1 hour prior to game time its unfair kids get punished by false accusations and the accuser get no punishment all i got to say is "KARMA" Is a MF and with all that crap being said i still see Dominguez regrouping and getting 3rd or 4th in the San Gabriel Valley League its also sad that them girls after sitting a whole year (non-participation rule) cleared to start season played the 1st 12 games were made guilty placed under review only to be cleared again all becuase of he say she say its supposed to be innocent until proven guilty but once again its Downey pointing at Compton so its always guilty and fight like hell to be innocent. after all that crap im kinda pull for the Lady Dons now to pull thru to get 3rd and im from Lynwood but remaining neutral:

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