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Posted by Close is in over her head on January 12, 2018 at 13:53:29:

In Reply to: Re: Who will the new coach be? posted by Close makes almost 500k a year on January 12, 2018 at 07:19:23:

: : : : : : : Close surrounds herself with her friends. She has recruited daughters of her friends who sit on the bench.
: : : : : : : It is unfortunate she doesn't know what to do with the talent she has,UCLA with be a non issue next year when Canada and Billings go to the WNBA. There is no one left to build around!

: : : : : : Close will remain at UCLA because no one cares that much about womens basketball at UCLA. It is sad to see the talent go to waste.
: : : : : : Drummer was awesome in HS, Burke can be very good, why did the girl from Sweden leave? As someone else said it is sad to watch.

: : : : : Her contract is up this season and was not yet renewed. Lots of people like her but maybe the new assistant AD for womens sports feels she should be achieving more than she has. The old assistant AD, Petrina Long hired her and supported her 100%. That may not be the case now. AD Guerrero leaves next year. Would he approve an extension or want to go out as a guy who hired Chip Kelly as well as the next wbb coach? But UCLA has Jorge Salcedo who has been a disaster at mens soccer for double the time Close has and he's still employed.

: : : : : If UCLA gets to the Elite Eight, I think Close still has a job. Sweet Sixteen for the third year and I think she's gone.

: : : : Close loses her #1 class that she has underachieved with. We're seeing problems with Canada in that she's playing her most undisciplined ball of her college career. She's aware that this will be her last chance to get to the FF and doesn't have faith in the coaches so she's doing too much and the team is suffering because of it. That's all on the coaches for not reigning her in and also not creating an offense.

: : : : I've spoken to at least three parents who are all unhappy with Close and one of them said that their daughters made a mistake committing to UCLA. That has become a strong sentiment around the SoCal club scene.

: : : : Her subsequent classes were good but not great, but those players and UCLA deserve a dedicated coach who can actually put together a program. Close also needs a new start somewhere else, probably a mid-major where she could be more successful and that might be better suited to her personality.

: : :
: : : What's wrong with a free education at one of the top schools in the country? With a great location, great weather, good facilities and strong support from Under Armour.

: : : And you get to play in the best conference in the country and are a Top 15-20 program every year and make the tournament?

: : : And while Close may not be the greatest X's and O's coach, she is a really nice person and by all accounts treats her players well.

: : : I get wanting to compete for the Final Four, but the reality is that is a long shot at almost every school not named UCONN, ND, South Carolina, Texas, Baylor, etc.

: : : The % of high school girls "around the SoCal club scene" who will make a living playing basketball is super-small.

: : : Get the best education you can! A degree from UCLA will get you more in life than an extra game in March.

: : First of all, Kathy Olivier was a nice person who treated her players well. If you want womens basketball to be this kind of clique-ish group that goes shopping and gets their nails done after practice, that was Kathy Olivier's teams.

: : There are lots of top schools to get a free education. Cal, Duke, Virginia, Michigan, all higher rated to UCLA.

: : Best conference? Depends on what you're talking about. Pac 12 Network is one of the weakest (DirectTv doesn't carry it) and the attendance is terrible.

: : Do you need to compete for the Final Four or do you want to simply compete? Cori Close has not won a Pac 12 title, nor a Pac 12 tournament. Watch her and its evident her players are directing her.

: : A lot of girls in Socal will make a living in basketball, maybe coaching, maybe in administration, but the life lessons learned through basketball are as important as what's learned in the classroom.

: : So if it's the best education you can, go to Cal. It's obvious that UCLA has zero interest in womens basketball so I agree that that is the best argument you can offer for playing for Coach Cori Close.

: I'll take one fifth that and be a nice person to everyone and could do the same job she does with the athletes she has. Then all those girls can go to a top university, UCLA womens basketball can start to balance their books and I can pay off my mortgage.

: If that's UCLA's attitude towards their non-revenue sports, they're in for a cold shower. Stanford has passed them by and USC will do it as well. Under Armor needs to pry open their wallets because UCLA has some serious coaching problems. Close is but one.

It is sad to watch with all the athletes Close has all the silly merry go round subs she makes with no rasoning. Why are you subing 1 minute into the game? Why are you focused on the 3 ball when the shot is not falling. Korver mainly shot 3,s and was not consistent and she couldn't defend yet Close played her. She has terrific athletes now but it is obvious there are not adjustments made to win games. Close throws them up against the wall to see what sticks.
Close may be a nice woman but a terrible coach!

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