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Posted by LOL on November 30, 2017 at 14:52:33:

In Reply to: Re: Mater Dei posted by POS on November 30, 2017 at 14:19:34:

: : : : Anyone know if Crocker’s playing yet?
: : : : I think MD is playing Los Al next. Be interesting to see her play against her old team.
: : : : Regardless, with or without her I imagine it will be a blow out.
: : : : Los Al is coached pretty poorly and outside of Avinger the rest of the team is not good. Tiny guards and bad post play should equal a beating by MD.

: : This senior group has never shown they could win outside of the OC. Sure you can beat up on teams that are not good but what have they done against playoff teams? This senior class and J. Adams blew a Big lead in the state finals last year. They will struggle again this year because of that group. Better let Crocker and them young players run the show or its a wrap.

: : :
: : : She won't make her debut until January because of the SOP... Let's be honest, MD is going to smash on anyone who is in the OC. What will be interesting is to see what they do outside of this little Orange County Basketball Bubble! Best of Luck MD!

: WOW, you Mater Dei fans/parents are the salt of the earth. Oh did I say salt I mean the scum of the earth! Mater Dei knows that they are soft and weak so they go and play in the South Coast Holiday Tournament. LFMAO!! How come Mater Dei isn't over at Redondo right now playing with the big dogs? Oh that's because poor Kiernan doesn't want to get his ass kicked by West Torrance or a Bishop Montgomery! So instead Mater Dei are going to beat up on a bunch of teams that they have no business playing meanwhile the Mater Dei faithful will be up in the stands hooting and hollering like a bunch of hyenas, high fiving and celebrating every blowout like they just beat Vanden for the State Championship (I know Mater Dei choked against Vanden).

: If Mater Dei was at Redondo they would go 1-3 and be exposed as a fraud. All that talent and they would still lose to a team like West Torrance because West Torrance would out-hussle, outplay and outwork Mater Dei and show them what real team basketball is about.

: Just look at Mater Dei and their schedule. All their nonleague games are against teams that they know they should beat. No real challenge, no real threat. Just play a bunch of pansies and call it a day. But they are going to be at the Nike TOC, yes they will be but I doubt Mater Dei will be in the top division. Mater Dei will be in the 2nd or the 3rd division because once again Kiernan and Mater Dei is afraid to be exposed as a fraud. Mater Dei will not win a championship this year and more than likely even with this talented freshman class, will not win a championship in 4 year either, because Mater Dei will never be a team. Mater Dei will always be a team full of individuals. And mommy and daddy will always make sure that their "Super Star" is always getting the ball and always getting their way if not then Kiernan better be ready for another right cross to the face. Hiding out in Podunk tournaments only shows that Mater Dei weak and to top it off their fans/parents are nothing but a bunch of baboon asses.

: Enjoy the wins and the trophy at the South Coast Tournament, it is probably the only trophy Mater Dei is going to win this year.

Damn Bro! I think you're the one that's being salty right now. I see you a lot on here and for some reason you're always talking shit. It's almost like you have this personal vendetta against the basketball world. Relax. It's not that deep. We get it, i think everyone does, even the MD fans... they aren't playing top tier competition. Like someone said earlier, it'll be interesting to see what they do outside of the bubble. You just took everything to the whole next level as if you are paid to talk shit or you're just a low life with nothing better to do than talk about high school girl's....

I agree with one thing... they are a team of individuals but that hasn't changed. Even his best teams were a team of individuals... but they won games. THEY WON TITLES.

Also, basketball is not what it used to be. You rarely see teams with 8 or 9 solid players. MD has the tools, it'll just be interesting to see where they measure up against the other "elite" teams. Maybe this will be Kevin's year because of how poor the state of girl's basketball has become. No one will know until March!

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