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Posted by An excellent thread on November 22, 2017 at 11:52:26:

In Reply to: Re: The UCLA way.. posted by There is no system at UCLA on November 22, 2017 at 11:20:57:

: : : : : : : ",,,And he'd be cheaper than any top male coach."

: : : : : : : That's kind of been UCLA's hiring focus in all the sports over the years--get the best coach they can at bargain prices!

: : : : : : : Walt's Dog

: : : : : : They have a balanced budget and still have contenders in almost every sport they field. Would you want it like Rutgers which pays someone like CVS who is the fourth highest paid person at Rutgers, has the largest deficit of any Div 1 school and has taken funds allocated for academics and illegally channeled them to their dying athletics program? Or maybe like Cal which had such a deficit that a few years ago, they tried to cancel their baseball, gymnastics -men and women, and womens lacrosse?

: : : : : Don't blame the UCLA Coach, UCONN has superior talent. I'm a Jordan C fan, but she played awful and although her form is better than Lonzo, her results were like his. Just saw her throwing up bricks from the outside that didn't draw rim and desperate circus drives to the basket. She missed a couple of looks to the Auzzie Frosh who was hitting. She should know by now, set up the teammate that is scoring well in the game and keep going to her.

: : : : If Jordin (nor Jordan) is playing out of control and throwing up wild shots, why isn't her coach correcting her? This isn't her freshman year, it's her senior year and she's been like that all her career. Coach Close has not developed her. If she's not hitting her teammates for an assist, who should be telling her to do so?

: : : :: First off, it IS the coaches fault. Jordin is just out there trying to score. As she's driving to the basket, who is she going to kick the ball to? She doesn't have 2, 3 options. She's got to "find" the "three point specialist". The PG for UConn just needs to find the open man, which is ANY of them?-

: : : Put Jordin on UConn's team, they'd be even more unbeatable.

: : Exactly because she'd be in a system. She'd have to mold to the system. Not do her own thing like she's been doing for the last 3 years.

: :: No system. No identity. Tons of talent, highly ranked athleticism. That is not an identity.

A very balanced and thoughtful group of posts about UConn and UCLA and why one is a perennial powerhouse and the other one is an also ran.

The one comment I especially felt was correct was "not an identity." After seven seasons at UCLA, I still don't know what kind of a program Close is creating. She came in as an offensive coach from FSU but we've seen little of that. Player development? Last night we saw how little she's instilled in her #1 class. They all reverted back to high school ball.

Something is not right in the UCLA basketball culture, mens or womens. In the womens, they simply don't have the skills or mentality to win the big games. They have the talent but not the coaching or system.

This is a big season for Close. She loses Canada and Billings and also Hayes next year. Burke is a great player but she's going to be lonely out there with so little development from the remainder of the team. Ashley Hearn might have even quit. UCLA needs to understand what they want out of womens basketball. Close needs some fresh blood among her assistants, or maybe some other school might lure her away. We can hope. I think she's in the final year of her contract and if we go by her recruiting, she has not lived up to them.

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